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Saffron properties

Saffron properties

The use of wholesale purchase of iranian saffron in iran properties in medical and pharmaceutical fields has been proven through numerous researches. Many studies have been conducted in medical, pharmaceutical and chemical journals of America, England and Iranian medical sciences in relation to the uses of saffron and its main compounds in the treatment of various diseases, and many experts have studied the medical properties of this plant (in the form of laboratory samples) for treatment. Many diseases such as tumor and heart trouble are concentrated To buy Iranian saffron from a farmer in Iran, contact us in bulk

Saffron properties

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properties such as pain reliever and pain reliever, antioxidant effects, reducing fever and anti-inflammation, anti-coagulant and improving blood circulation, calming the nervous system and anti-depressant and its effectiveness in treating mild to moderate depression, anti-cancer and tumor growth brain, strengthening memory, learning and treating Alzheimer’s disease, reducing cough and improving respiratory asthma, atherosclerosis, regulating and reducing menstrual pain, improving skin conditions and treating pimples, treating digestive Saffron properties its high efficiency in reducing blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases is one of the other uses of saffron. The biological effects of iranian saffron price in dubai on the internal organs of the body, including the digestive system (which includes strengthening the stomach, reducing appetite and stomach acid, and improving digestion, as well as the effects it has on stomach abnormalities, stomach ulcers, and stomach cancer), abnormalities related to liver function and liver cancer; Therapeutic effects on the large intestine, anti-cancer effect and inflammation of the colon mucosa, treatment of pancreatic disorders are other important and worth mentioning aspects of this valuable plant

Saffron properties

 More details of the research regarding the effect of Saffron properties on the treatment of mental disorders and Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of mental disorder in which the death of brain cells leads to memory saffron price per pound 2024 properties a decrease in power is detected. Many factors play a role in the development and progression of this disease. Current drug treatments only moderate the symptoms of this disease, and recent research has focused on the development of antibodies to eliminate the factors affecting this disease, but no cure has been reported so far. The biological properties of saffron, the dried stigma of the saffron plant, and especially the main ingredient of this plant, i.e. crocin, have been widely studied for use in various conditions, including the treatment of mental disorders and brain injuries. Crocin is known as a unique antioxidant because it is a water-soluble type of carotenoid. The potential of crocin, as it significantly helps to enhance memory and learning, can protect the brain from serious damage. Recently, the use of saffron and especially crocin has received more attention due to its effects in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other brain disorders. Saffron crocin can also be used as a supplement or medicine to stop or treat Alzheimer’s due to its many uses and the activities it performs to protect the brain. Medical examinations and research conducted in Iran and Japan have confirmed the blood anticoagulant effect of saffron extract

The results of research projects have shown that saffron has great potential and diverse applications and many therapeutic effects on the internal organs of the body. Because of its many properties, especially medicinal uses, saffron has been of interest to people since the distant past; Although some of them have been forgotten over the years, but the desire to understand and use it is increasing due to the reorientation of people to herbal medicines. Today, advanced pharmaceutical research and studies have shown that saffron and its main compounds play a large role in the treatment of diseases and have effects such as anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-neuropathic and nerve pain, anti-diabetic, anti-pain, prevention of liver enlargement. and spleen, have a strong calming effect on smooth muscles, reducing oxidative damage to the kidney, skeletal muscles of the hippocampus, etc., which is another notable feature of saffron and shows the potential of using this plant in various industries

Real saffron price

Medicinal use of Saffron properties

The medicinal use of best price saffron properties is a familiar topic for every Iranian. Saffron is a spice that is prepared from saffron flower and its unique aroma and flavor along with its medicinal properties have made it known all over the world and has many fans. Since ancient times, saffron has been used as a valuable seasoning and spice in Iranian cuisine, and along with it, doctors of traditional medicine recommended consumption of tea or other saffron products to cleanse the body, improve mood, and find happiness. Currently, medical science supports the medicinal properties of saffron to a large extent, and the results of scientific research confirm the medicinal use of saffron. In this article, we intend to introduce you to the different properties of saffron, so stay with us until the end of this article

The effect of Saffron properties on the treatment of depression

Saffron extract can greatly contribute to the health and vitality of the human psyche by increasing the level of dopamine and norepinephrine in the body. In an experiment conducted on some adults, it was shown that continuous consumption of saffron can have a positive effect on depression. The result of this experiment was compared with other anti-depressants and the medicinal use of saffron in the treatment and improvement of depression was confirmed
In another experiment, 40 women with Saffron properties supplement was given for 6 weeks after delivery. The result showed that the medicinal use of saffron in this field is more effective than other depression drugs. Also, similar results were observed in prescribing Saffron price to patients with schizophrenia. During this experiment, 61 patients with schizophrenia were given saffron extract for 12 weeks, and the results of medicinal use of saffron in improving the symptoms of these patients were repeated. In addition, it was confirmed that the consumption of saffron is well tolerated and safe for these people, but still, more research is needed to determine the effectiveness of saffron in the treatment of patients with specific mental illnesses such as schizophrenia

Saffron properties

The effect of Saffron properties on improving vision

The medicinal use of Iranian saffron properties in improving people’s eyesight is a valid result. In a recent experiment, 100 patients with age-related macular degeneration were given 20 mg of saffron daily for 3 months. In the conducted studies, it was observed that saffron could have a positive effect on improving the vision of these people
Also, similar results were obtained in two different experiments conducted on 58 patients with AMD, with the difference that in one of these experiments, the amount of prescribed saffron was not controlled, but nevertheless, the consumption of saffron was able to have a positive effect on the healing process. People have vision. Supplements prepared based on the medicinal use of saffron can improve vision and blood flow in the eyes of animals suffering from eye diseases. This positive impression is probably caused by the presence of crocin in saffron, which dilates the vessels carrying blood to the eyes

The effect of Saffron properties in improving premenstrual syndrome

One of the oldest medicinal uses of saffron is the treatment of premenstrual syndrome. Symptoms of PMS include mood swings, muscle cramps, bloating and acne. During a scientific experiment on the medicinal use of Saffron properties, 35 women were exposed to the smell of saffron for 20 minutes. As a result of this experiment, it was observed that exposure to the smell of saffron or its consumption can reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome to an acceptable level and improve irregular periods. In fact, saffron can have a calming effect on people, especially women during menstruation, by reducing the release of the stress hormone cortisol
In addition, research has shown that daily consumption of saffron supplements for 6 months can reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Also, an experiment conducted on 180 young women shows that the consumption of a herbal product that contains a combination of saffron, celery seed and anise extract can significantly reduce the intensity and duration of muscle cramps during menstruation . However, the scientific research done in this field is not enough to confirm this medicinal use of saffron, and more clinical studies are needed to confirm this issue

Saffron properties

The effect of saffron on lowering blood pressure

In one of the tests conducted to investigate the medicinal use of Saffron price USD properties, 230 men with infertility were prescribed saffron supplements for 26 weeks, and the results showed that this test significantly reduced blood pressure. Likewise, in another experiment, taking saffron tablets in higher doses in 30 adults reduced blood pressure after one week. Also, in a study on mice, scientists found out that in addition to the medicinal use of saffron to reduce blood pressure, saffron can prevent a sudden increase in blood pressure. However, research in this field is still ongoing and this medicinal use of saffron should be tested on people with high blood pressure

The effect of saffron on the immune system

The medicinal use of saffron in increasing the strength of the immune system is one of its proven uses. In an experimental experiment, 45 healthy people were given saffron extract for 3 months. During the investigations, scientists found that this period caused a significant increase in the number of white blood cells in the blood. In fact, consumption of saffron increases the number of white blood cells in the body without affecting other blood cells. Theoretically, it is predicted that the medicinal use of saffron can increase the body’s immunity, without affecting other criteria related to blood and factors of blood diseases. It has also been observed at the laboratory level that saffron can prevent the multiplication of viruses and their entry into cells, thereby increasing the body’s immune system to fight infections and viral diseases

Saffron properties

The effect of Saffron properties on the physical performance of the body

Since ancient times, 1 gram saffron price in Iran properties has been used to increase vitality and physical activity. The chemicals in saffron belong to a group of molecules called carotenoids. Studies have shown that these molecules can increase energy levels and physical strength. During a research conducted on 28 healthy men, the consumption of saffron supplement for 10 consecutive days increased muscle strength and increased reaction power of people. This may have happened due to the improvement of the function of mitochondria, which are part of the cell structure. In any case, we know that saffron can improve blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles during exercise, and this is a matter that has been scientifically proven

The effect of saffron on heart function

As we mentioned earlier, Saffron properties can increase blood pressure and the strength of blood flow in the veins. This point indicates that saffron can improve heart function by increasing blood pumping capacity. One of the reasons that can be mentioned for this effect is the presence of a molecule called camprol in saffron, which has strong effects in protecting the heart. In an experiment that was conducted on 20 people, the consumption of saffron had a great effect on improving the body function of all patients, but the greatest effect was observed on patients with heart diseases. In addition, the crocin present in saffron during the process of turning into crostin reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and reduces the clogging of blood vessels
Similar experiments have been conducted to discover the medicinal use of saffron on mice, which shows that saffron protects the heart against drug poisoning. The reason for this effect may be the presence of antiamsidans in saffron and their effect on heart tissue

Saffron properties

The effect of saffron on anxiety

Saffron properties extract can improve mental health by increasing the level of dopamine and norepinephrine hormones in the body. During an experiment conducted in this field, the consumption of saffron supplement for 12 weeks was able to improve anxiety symptoms in 60 patients. Also, in a study conducted on mice, it was observed that saffron extract reduces anxiety-like behaviors in the body and leads to an increase in sleep time

The effect of Saffron properties on weight loss

Although the medicinal use of Saffron properties in helping to lose weight has not been fully documented, but during clinical studies it has been observed that consumption of saffron can help to lose weight. In an experiment conducted on 60 overweight women, studies confirmed that consuming high doses of saffron for 6 months leads to a decrease in the rate of absorption and digestion of fat, a decrease in the amount of calories consumed, a decrease in appetite, and an improvement in the body’s use of glucose and fat
Saffron and its ingredients can reduce body cholesterol and fat levels and potentially help with better weight control. However, these reviews are mainly derived from animal research, and more clinical trials are needed to more accurately evaluate the potential effects of saffron on weight loss

Real saffron price

The effect of Saffron properties in cancer prevention

The medicinal use of Saffron properties in cancer prevention has not been definitively confirmed, but observations have shown that saffron extract has anti-cancer effects in cell and animal models of lung, liver, breast, pancreas, colon, skin, prostate, ovary and cervix. The anti-cancer effects of saffron are caused by its main chemical compound, crocin, which turns into crostin after consumption in the body. Crostin can selectively target cancer cells and destroy them. Crostin does this by inhibiting the production of protein in cancer cells and in this way causes the death of cancer cells. It should be remembered that these results have not yet been confirmed in humans, but they are promising

The effect of saffron on protecting the brain

In numerous experiments conducted on laboratory cells and animals, scientists investigated the potential of saffron in improving brain health. Saffron has the following effects on the brain
Reducing inflammation in the brain
Regulating the level of neurotransmitters
Antioxidant activities that reduce brain damage
Protecting the brain from damage
Reducing cell death in the brain

Saffron properties

The effect of Saffron properties on wound healing

In order to investigate the medicinal use of saffron in wound healing, experiments have been conducted, one of the most famous of which is the experiment conducted on rats. In this experiment, the cream prepared from Saffron properties was able to cure the burn wounds caused by hot water. In fact, this property of saffron is due to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Saffron extract can increase the level of skin growth and regeneration molecules. Similarly, saffron can reduce the number of inflammatory molecules and thus lead to wound healing. This property of saffron can be used in wound healing and the cosmetic industry, however, before starting this process, more clinical trials must be conducted to fully prove the existence of this medicinal use of saffron scientifically and experimentally

The effect of saffron on bone health

After reaching menopause in women, many of them suffer from bone health problems and as a result the occurrence of diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. This problem occurs due to a change in the level of the hormone estrogen, which is responsible for maintaining bone health. To investigate the medicinal use of saffron in maintaining bone health, an experiment was conducted on mice with osteoporosis. What was observed in practice was that the consumption of saffron extract for 16 weeks could prevent the progression of the disease to an acceptable extent. Scientists speculate that this happens due to an increase in the level of the hormone estrogen, which leads to the growth and maintenance of bone health

Real saffron price

The effect of Saffron properties on asthma

In ancient times, Saffron properties was used in traditional medicine to treat spasms and congestion in the lungs, respiratory attacks and asthma. Research has shown that consumption of saffron extract in mice can reduce asthma symptoms by reducing lung inflammation. As observed in mice, saffron can help breathing easily by relaxing the lung muscles. However, the exact function of saffron in the lungs is still unknown, and more clinical trials are needed to accurately and reliably evaluate its effectiveness in the human body

The effect of saffron on digestion problems

To investigate the medicinal use of Saffron properties in helping the stomach digest food better, experiments were conducted on rats, which show that saffron protects the stomach from high acid. This work is done by producing antioxidant proteins and inhibiting oxidative stress. Also, in another study on mice, daily consumption of saffron inhibited the production of wounds caused by histamine or excessive stress. Similarly, in test tubes, saffron was able to fight wounds caused by bacterial infections

Saffron properties

The effect of Saffron properties on reducing pain

In ancient times, Saffron properties was usually combined with sedatives and narcotics. Certain types of pain cannot be relieved by using conventional painkillers, among such pains, neuropathic pains can be mentioned. Neuropathic pain occurs inside the nerves and can be a sign of certain physical conditions such as fibromyalgia and diabetes or caused by some injuries and wounds. In rats with damaged nerves, the treatment with the help of saffron extract was able to reduce the pain along with the damage in 40 days. These findings show that saffron can be effective in controlling certain types of pain, but this has not yet been confirmed in humans
The effect of saffron on liver health
Scientists have always speculated about the medicinal use of saffron and its effect on the health of the vital organs of the body, one of these hypotheses is the effect of saffron on the health of the liver. To investigate this issue, an experiment was conducted on rats with damaged liver and it was observed that saffron reduces the level of toxic proteins and fat deposits in the liver. Also, another test was conducted on rats and based on the results, scientists believe that saffron extract protects the liver against drug damage. This effect occurs in 3 ways
Inhibiting certain enzymes that create toxic side products
Protection against oxidative stress
Regulating the structure of liver cells (liver membrane)

The effect of saffron on seizures

In traditional medicine, the medicinal use of Saffron properties is used to prevent seizures for a long time. Experiments in this field have been conducted on rats, which show that the consumption of saffron in doses higher than 400 mg can suppress seizures. However, the consumption of saffron in high doses can lead to the risk of poisoning for humans. In rats with epilepsy, saffron extract has been able to reduce seizures

The effect of saffron on diabetes

The medicinal use of Saffron properties to cure diabetes is still being discussed, but we know that consuming saffron increases the use and absorption of glucose in muscle tissues from the bloodstream. When saffron is administered along with insulin, it can increase insulin activity and cell response to it. In an experiment on rats suffering from diabetes, the consumption of saffron supplement was able to increase the absorption of glucose into the cells

Saffron properties

Restrictions on the consumption of Saffron properties

Despite the extensive research conducted on the medicinal use of saffron , there are some important points that limit the reliability of these studies

Different parts of the saffron plant such as petals, extracts, isolated crocin or Saffron properties , saffron supplements and gels are used in different experiments. The chemical composition of different parts of saffron are different, and therefore the characteristics and medicinal properties attributed to saffron may only be related to a part of the saffron plant

Most of the clinical studies on the medicinal use of saffron and its effects on health have been conducted in our country, Iran; As a result, it should be considered that patients with different genetic backgrounds may react differently to saffron. Therefore, in order to accurately determine whether the medicinal use of saffron is effective for people with different genetic backgrounds, extensive global studies are needed

Many of the doses used in the experiments are much higher than those used in different foods

Cooking with saffron can break down the active chemicals and render them ineffective for some treatments. Therefore, it is recommended that this substance be consumed in the form of medicinal supplements in order to benefit from the full benefits of saffron

Saffron produced by different companies may have different chemical compositions and therefore its benefits cannot always be ensured unless purchased from a reputable source

Side effects of saffron consumption

The list provided below cannot cover all the possible side effects of saffron consumption, so if you see any other side effects, it is better to contact your trusted doctor or pharmacist
Aside from the medicinal use of saffron, we know that saffron is a safe supplement to add to your daily diet. Although side effects are rarely seen with saffron supplementation, there may be some minor discomforts that we have mentioned below

dry mouth


Dizziness or drowsiness


Change in appetite


Some people may have allergic reactions to the carotenoids in saffron. These reactions are usually caused by hives, nasal congestion or breathing problems. Also, consuming large amounts of saffron for a long time can reduce the number of red blood cells

In the end, it is good to know that saffron is considered an important part of Middle Eastern cuisine and has long been used as a spice in cooking and also for medicinal purposes. Although people have traditionally used saffron to treat various ailments, modern research supports some of these medicinal uses of saffron. Valid evidence of medical research shows that saffron extract as a complementary medicine can be effective in treating and improving depression, Alzheimer’s, degeneration and premenstrual cramps as well as age-related vision problems
Saffron is generally safe but may cause side effects or allergies. Pregnant women should avoid consuming saffron. One of the most important points in the consumption of saffron is to ensure the quality and validity of the purchased saffron. Saffron is an expensive plant, and some companies may sell fake and low-quality products at a low price for the sake of profit, which may not only not contain saffron, but also dangerous substitutes for your health. We at Saffron properties Saffron Company offer you the best saffron with the highest quality and guarantee of originality, and by consuming this high-quality saffron, you can confidently benefit from all the benefits and beneficial properties of saffron and use it in all your dishes. do

saffron price per pound 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Saffron properties harmful for children

In children and babies , the oral consumption of saffron should be very controlled and under the supervision of a doctor and should not go out of balance in any way

wikipedia Saffron

What are the vitamins in saffron
Saffron is a good source of minerals such as potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium and rich in vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C
What things are used in saffron
Saffron can be used in the preparation of various foods, drinks and desserts. Remember to grind the right amount of saffron each time and do not use too much because it can cause side effects

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