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1 gram saffron price in Iran

1 gram saffron price in Iran

1 gram Saffron wholesale price in Iran price in Iran is a product with special and unique features such as: the presence of several types of strong antioxidants, a special aroma and taste, and a warm and invigorating character To buy Iranian saffron from a farmer in Iran, contact us in bulk

1 gram saffron price in Iran

Among the other features that clearly express the value of this product, we can mention its amazing medicinal and food properties and its many uses in many industries, which has made the world know saffron rightly as (red gold)

Price of saffron per kg is a vegetable product, but it has a high added value, which creates a clear difference in the sales style and even the demand for its purchase compared to other agricultural products

The sale of 1 gram saffron price in Iran and the marketing of agricultural products due to the special nature of these products such as perishability, large volume, high water in the texture, the number of producers and consumers, and the limited time of planting and harvesting, have a different marketing compared to industrial products. In the last century, with the introduction of new technologies in the agricultural sector and the commercialization of agricultural activities, services and marketing of agricultural products have also changed

Now, due to the development of medical and food knowledge, the development of mass communication tools, as well as new and fast logistics technologies in the transportation and distribution of products, other countries in all continents have become familiar with Khorasan-Iranian saffron and are very surprised by its properties. The motivation is to be informed that eventually all these factors will lead to the development of the international trade of saffron

irani saffron in dubai

The sale of 1 gram saffron price in Iran , according to the way of communication between intermediaries and marketing agents, through which the product reaches the hands of the consumers, is determined under the title of marketing route. The drawing of these routes was related to transfers and the route that leads the majority of the product to the market

Saffron price per ounce sellers and perfumers in Mashhad, Tehran and other cities usually procure saffron from three sources, either directly from retailers in the production areas, or from wholesalers in Mashhad and Tehran, or from packaging companies. They buy standard. Companies like Negin Saffron Company buy saffron in bulk from farmers in Khorasan or other cities and prepare it for export after packing it in a standard way

Currently, the stigma of saffron is due to the presence of too much water in the tissue of saffron (which, if not dried for long-term storage, causes it to perish and rot), after separating the stigma from the stem and petals, either in the traditional way or It is mechanized and dried by local farmers or by standard factories

Unfortunately, in the traditional production modes of this product, due to non-compliance with health standards and even transportation (which usually transports saffron with public and private vehicles, and due to the fact that the volume of the product is small compared to its price, vehicles There is no special way to transfer it (and the storage conditions have caused countries like Spain to buy Iranian saffron in bulk and after transferring it, carry out the packaging process with high quality and at a price that is about twice the bulk price to the world markets. They sell

Regarding the storage of 1 gram saffron price in Iran, this expensive product, it can be said: this product is not stored in a special warehouse, and farmers usually store their product until the next year in ordinary houses and rooms, which, of course, must be free of high humidity and heat. do In order to store dry saffron at home, farmers usually put dry saffron inside clean cloth handkerchiefs or plastic bags and place the bags inside locked boxes or inside oil-free oil bins and put the bins in They put it in a cupboard and keep it for a few months to a year. Some people put dry saffrons in a bunch inside cardboard boxes, layer by layer and in the middle of each layer of newspaper. At the wholesale and retail levels of saffron, no special warehouse is used for storage, and dry saffron storage is usually done in very large crystal containers, which are often in the form of large tanks

1 gram saffron price in Iran

Problems in the sale and development of the 1 gram saffron price in Iran market

1 gram saffron price in Iran, this Iranian red gold, due to its special nature, both in the planting, harvesting and cleaning stages, as well as in all stages of storage and distribution, requires special conditions in order to maintain its quality. Keep longer

According to the mentioned items, most of the sales problems can be classified into the following items

Production of saffron without taking into account the scientific and standard methods of the day and only emphasizing traditional methods without knowledge-based support

Cultivation and harvesting of Cheapest country to buy saffron individually, which has reduced the added value for the farmer, as a result of this hard-working class, in order to invest in improving production methods, packaging, awareness, advertising, etc. They have many problems

Failure to pay attention to the needs of society in product design and packaging

Storage without complying with product standard principles

Completely unprincipled distribution and transportation

Fraudulent products or delivery of low quality products instead of quality products

Profit seeking by some dealers due to the lack of knowledge of the society about the types of saffron and the quality of each group of this product

1 gram saffron price in Iran

Export of 1 gram saffron price in Iran

The export of 1 gram saffron price in Iran in Iran has a long history of production and has expanded to other parts of the world over time. The export of saffron for medicinal and edible use has been popular since ancient times. According to the statistics announced by Iran, it supplies more than 92% of the world’s saffron and ranks first among the world’s saffron exporters. In fact, Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world and Iranian saffron is known as the best type of saffron in the world. Saffron is one of the most expensive agricultural products of Iran, which grows in tropical climate. Razavi and South Khorasan provinces are one of the most important saffron production areas in Iran. In other provinces of Iran, such as North Khorasan, Chahar Mahal, Bakhtiari and Kerman, price Iranian saffron planting is done in a scattered manner. The world’s top saffron exporters, according to statistics published on Tridem website, Iran ranks first among saffron exporters with 98 million dollars of saffron exports in 2019, with 46% of the total dollar value of saffron exports in the world market. In second place is Spain with 47 million dollars (22 percent), Afghanistan with 29 million dollars (13 percent) and Hong Kong with 5.4 million dollars (2.5 percent) and France with 4.4 million dollars ( 2.1 percent), the Netherlands with 4.1 million dollars (1 percent) and other countries with 22 million dollars (10 percent) are in third to seventh place, respectively

1 gram saffron price in Iran

1 gram saffron price in Iran packaging

Today, the packaging industry plays a valuable role in the sale and marketing of agricultural products. Therefore, the proper and precise design of agricultural products packaging according to the taste and culture of the people of each country will not only make this industry more valuable for the country, but it will also be a factor in creating jobs for the villagers and graduates of the agricultural sector. Therefore, the presentation of high quality 1 gram How much does saffron cost price in Iran in packages in accordance with international and environmental standards will create a kind of loyalty to Iranian saffron all over the world, the result of which is more income generation for those working in the agricultural sector, reducing the migration of villagers, progress villages and increase the production of saffron

All the above cases are possible in the shade of principled and justified management. Therefore, with proper management and guidance of saffron exporters towards proper and stylish packaging, we will have a dynamic economy in the field of saffron export development

irani saffron in dubai

Buying saffron from the farmer

It is clear to all of us that when we know where a product comes from and how it is produced, we prepare it with a better feeling and with more confidence. Therefore, by purchasing saffron directly from the farmer through purchasing offices in the saffron growing areas, Negin 1 gram saffron price in Iran Company delivers a more special and original product to the buyer, and on the other hand, by purchasing saffron directly from the farmer, more profit is brought to the farmer

1 gram saffron price in Iran

Quality Control

In Negin 1 gram saffron price in Iran Company, from the moment saffron is purchased from the farmer to the moment it finally reaches the customer, it is subjected to numerous health and food safety controls, which has taken the following measures to achieve this

The establishment of relevant international standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP, which has put food safety and consumer safety as the most important demands of customers

Suppliers of raw materials and packaging and transport companies that work with them are continuously evaluated in terms of hygiene and quality control

Nagin Saffron Company has also stepped forward by providing a clean and hygienic environment, correct separation of essential items from non-essential items, determining the exact location of each device, creating correct behavioral and functional habits in the employees, as well as developing guidelines and standards to maintain and maintain cleanliness in the implementation of 5S. takes

1 gram saffron price in Iran

Separation of 1 gram saffron price in Iran types

In this company, the types of 1 gram saffron price in Iran purchased after checking the appearance quality are separated from each other based on their appearance characteristics and then they are quarantined in the coded warehouse until their quality is confirmed in the laboratory for accurate tracking of the original raw saffron

Taking laboratory analysis

The 1 gram saffron price in Iran sent from the quarantine warehouse is sampled and sent to the laboratory for physical, chemical and microbiological tests

Tests and standards

The implementation of the standard improves quality, increases exports and increases national income. Saffron standards have been compiled by the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research according to the quality factors of saffron, and they are

National standard 1-259: with the title of saffron and its characteristics (including determining the characteristics of packaging, marking, sampling)

National standard 259-2: Saffron and test methods (including physical, chemical and microbial tests)

Quality control in Negin Saffron Company is based on ensuring the quality of products and meeting the needs of customers within the framework of relevant standards

After confirming the saffron samples in the laboratory, the saffrons are transferred to the production hall for sorting

irani saffron in dubai

Transfer of 1 gram saffron price in Iran  to Surat

1 gram saffron price in Iran is delivered from warehouse officials for transfer to production; In this department, the production manager must also carry out the necessary controls on the way to transfer saffron to the Surat department and also control the performance of the workers. For this reason, it is necessary to deliver saffron to the primary sorting and weighing area in a suitable cover with the door completely closed to prevent secondary contamination

At this stage, foreign particles, plant residues, soil and other material residues and any possible dust are separated and if necessary, saffron is sieved. Visual inspection is carried out by the personnel of this part

Weighing, packaging and secondary sorting of 1 gram saffron price in Iran

 After the initial sorting, based on the order from the sales unit or the customer, saffron is weighed in different weights by a calibrated digital scale and transferred into packages (cellophane or cans) by production workers. After this stage, the sorting worker performs a visual inspection to remove foreign materials

1 gram saffron price in Iran

Re-sampling and final product testing

At this stage, in order to control the quality of the final product, samples are again taken from the production line and examined for physical, chemical and microbial tests. After the approval of the final product, the order to complete the packaging process is given by the quality control manager

door closure

Saffron may be packed in envelopes, polyethylene or metal cans

1 gram saffron price in Iran packed in cellophane are sewn by a thermal sewing machine. At this stage, the inspection and control of the correctness of the work must be done by the person in charge of sewing

If saffron is packed in a can, the lid of the can is placed on it by the capping officer. The capping officer is also obliged to make sure that the lid of the can is completely on it, and if the can lid or the body is defective, separate them and store them in a special container so that it can be mixed again with healthy cans. do not have

irani saffron in dubai


Boxing with suitable design and color for boxes is one of the important and influential steps in choosing customers and also in international standards

After packing, saffron should be placed in a carton or box to avoid compression. At this stage, the cans or cellophanes are placed in their own boxes according to the respective weights after sealing, and also with the implementation of quality controls by the relevant official

Print relevant logos on the cover, box or card

  This step is done by the jet printer and by inserting the relevant marks (production date, production series, product code and net weight, production shift) on the cover, box or card

Shrink Pack

At this stage, the 1 gram saffron price in Iran packed in cellophane or cans are placed inside the mother boxes of 12 or 24 pieces and are dried

Transferring the product to the warehouse

The packed saffron was delivered to the warehouse manager to be arranged in special shelves in the product warehouse. The product warehouse is also regularly controlled in terms of hygiene as well as temperature and humidity. Another important point is that the products should be kept away from light

1 gram saffron price in Iran


The final product is cartoned according to the customer’s order. The cartons are marked with the production date, manufacturing series, product code and net weight so that they can be traced in case of any errors

Finally, the cartons are sent inside or outside the country (Asia, Europe, America and Oceania) based on the customer’s request

Control points (CP) and critical control points (CCP) in the production process of packaged saffron

wikipedia Saffron

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