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Real saffron price

Real saffron price

Sergol Real wholesale purchase of iranian saffron in iran price is one of the types of saffron. This type of saffron is considered the best type for home consumption and also for brewing. The reason for its name is that this type of saffron consists only of the upper part (head) of the saffron branch. Sargol refers to the red part of saffron, and it is known by other names such as Sar Qalam, Sar Risheh and Mumtaz

The saffron strands are about 5 cm long when they come out of the flower and are divided into two parts, white and red. The red part of which is Sargol. Its coloring is above 220 units. This coloring is produced by a substance called crocin

Iranian saffron Dubai

 How to prepare sergol

This type of Real iranian saffron price in dubai price is obtained from the method of sieving and cleaning the saffron of Pushal or Dokhtarpich (handle) and only the stigma of saffron can be seen in it. In the process of converting Pushal and Dokhtarpich saffron to Sergol, it is possible to break the stigma, so in this type of saffron, some broken and sometimes soft ones are seen, which are divided into first grade and lower grades based on the amount of soft and broken saffron in it

Among the obvious and structural features of the stigma (Sargol) is the presence of mineral salts, its beautiful and natural color, as well as its fat. There is an essential oil in saffron that gives a special aroma to food, and that is safranal. The organic and unique composition of saffron has made it a special and irreplaceable additive

Real saffron price

Other characteristics of this type of Real saffron price

Nice color with a beautiful appearance

All its strands are red and there is no trace of whiteness or yellowness in it

The percentage of crocin and safranal is very high in this type

They are not intertwined

Sargol Real saffron price consists of thick strands of saffron stigma

Real saffron price

Sergol Real saffron price grading

This type of Real saffron price is usually measured by two methods; The length of the stigma, the absence of white pieces mixed with saffron that have taken on a red color

Sargol saffron price

The price of this type of Real best price saffron price usually varies based on the amount of softness, smallness and largeness of the pens. The smaller the amount of soft and the coarser the pens, the higher the price, and in the same proportion, the more soft and the smaller the pens, the lower the price

Saffron, with its common name (saffron) and scientific name (crocus sativus), is the most precious crop on the planet. This valuable plant is known as the flower of health, the essence of spices and red gold. Its main origin is the Elvand domains; It spreads in areas with little rain and cold winters and hot summers

Real saffron price

The area under cultivation and production of Real saffron price in Iran

Cultivation of Real saffron price  is common in various cities of Khorasan-Razavi province, such as: Torbat Heydarieh, Torbat Jam, Taibad, Gonabad, Neishabur. This province has taken the first place in saffron cultivation. In the province of South Khorasan , the cities of Qaynat, Ferdous and Beshravieh can be mentioned. South Khorasan province has the second place in saffron cultivation in Iran after Razavi Khorasan province. South Khorasan ranks second in terms of quantity, but ranks first in terms of quality

After Khorasan, we can mention the provinces of Kerman, Lorestan, Fars, and Central, etc., which have become active in the cultivation of this valuable plant. Out of about 230 tons of saffron that is produced in the world every year, about 170 tons are related to Khorasan. Among all the cities in Razavi and South Khorasan provinces that are engaged in the cultivation of this plant, Qain is the most famous. Qayinat region is known as the saffron capital of Iran. The history of planting Iranian saffron in Qain has been mentioned for more than 1000 years. Currently, Qain ranks first in the world in terms of quality

Real saffron price

Distribution of Real saffron price in the world

The main production of Real saffron price is in Iran and after that in countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan and UAE (without saffron cultivation) in the field of trade of this plant

Suitable soil for growing saffron

The plant pods stay in the ground for a relatively long time (5 to 8 years). Therefore, its soil should be light or a combination of sand and clay so that the onion can withstand special regional conditions during this period in addition to supplying food

Planting Real saffron price

Since the plant does not produce seeds, it can be propagated through corms. In the middle of August to autumn, depending on the region, before the ice breaker starts, he removes the corm from the saffron of the desired fields or obtains it from suitable places. After preparing the land and adding manure, he starts to cultivate corm at a depth of 15-20 cm

Iranian saffron Dubai

Had saffron

The number of saffron watering depends on the amount of rain. In any case, the 1 gram saffron price in Iran  field is usually irrigated up to 5 times; From the second water onwards, it is done with an interval of 20 days to one month and sometimes more until the end of March and sometimes April

How to dry

Drying and packaging is one of the most important stages of Real safftron price production. During the period of drying or marketing, its moisture content is reduced to 15%. For longer storage, the humidity percentage should be reduced to 12%, this is called drying

The drying operation should be in such a way that the heat hits all its parts and strands in the same way, so that its humidity is reduced equally in all its parts. Lowering the humidity prevents the growth of microbes and the activity of enzymes. Also, reducing its volume and weight during transportation and storage reduces costs

It should be noted that when the amount of heat is low and the drying time is long and the batches are packed from the beginning, mold may be seen between the batches. If the heat is high, i.e. if they are kept at a short distance from the heat sources, its beautiful color will turn dark

Real saffron price

Drying methods

Traditional drying method

In this method, the sorted Real saffron price are usually placed in a basket or similar container with small holes and the bottom is usually covered with a thin white cloth. Then these dishes are placed in a room with suitable heat or they are hung from the ceiling. Every few days, the bunches are turned to dry. If there is a suitable sun, some farmers put the containers in the shade of the sun for a few hours a day to speed up the drying process. When the Saffron price takes on a dark red color and is crushed by pressing between two fingers, it can be said that the drying process has taken place

Testing method (sieve and heater): This method is known as the Spanish method

Drying by modern devices with humidity control: drying with this device under special conditions has the best color and taste

Other methods of drying saffron: electric oven, freeze dryer, solar dryer, air transfer dryers (tunnel dryers), vacuum dryers

Iranian saffron Dubai

Properties and uses of Real saffron price

Since the distant past, this plant has been used because of its beautiful and exceptional color. In recent years, due to the tendency to use natural additives instead of chemical and synthetic types in food, the use of this widely used plant has increased. Below we will learn about some of its uses

Real saffron price and medicinal properties

Saffron and chemical and industrial applications

Saffron and edible uses

Medicinal use of Real saffron price

Its use in medical and pharmaceutical fields has been proven by numerous researches. Many studies have been conducted in American, British, and Iranian medical journals related to the uses of Real saffron price and its main compounds in the treatment of various diseases. Many experts have focused on the medicinal properties of this plant to treat many diseases such as tumors and heart problems

The effect of the plant in various diseases such as

Atherosclerosis (hardening of the walls of the arteries)

Alzheimer’s and enhancing learning memory

Treatment of digestive disorders

Analgesic and pain reliever

Antioxidant effects

Reducing fever and anti-inflammatory

Blood anticoagulant and blood circulation improver

Anti-cancer and the growth of brain tumors

Reducing cough and improving respiratory asthma

Regulation and reduction of menstrual pains

Improving skin conditions and treating acne

Reducing blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people with cardiovascular disease

Relaxation in the nervous system and antidepressant and its effectiveness in the treatment of mild to moderate depression

The biological effects of Saffron price USD in internal organs, including the digestive system (reducing appetite and stomach acid, treating ulcers and stomach cancer). Abnormalities related to liver function (liver cancer, anti-cancer and colon mucositis, treatment of pancreatic disorders). Among other important and worth mentioning things, this plant is valuable

Details of the research on the effect of Real saffron price in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of mental disorder. In it, the death of brain cells causes memory loss and reduced ability to recognize

The biological properties of dried saffron stigma and its main ingredient, crocin, have been studied a lot for the treatment of mental disorders and brain injuries. Crocin is recognized as a unique antioxidant because it is a water-soluble type of creatine. The potential of crocin helps to strengthen memory and learning and can protect the brain from serious damage. Recently, the use of saffron, especially crocin, in the treatment of mental disorders has received much attention

Real saffron price

Saffron and chemical and industrial applications

Due to the unique features of this plant, it can be used in various industries. Today, natural colors have many fans all over the world due to consumer safety and lack of negative effects. For years, natural dyes have been used in the dyeing industry and because of their special compounds in the health industry and the production of aromatic substances

Saffron and edible uses

This valuable plant is used as a spice and color and aroma to food. In recent years, society’s tendency to consume natural additives has increased. For this reason, the use of saffron instead of chemical and synthetic types of food as a natural colorant and flavoring has increased

Its color and taste increase appetite in people. It is widely used in the preparation of sweets, soft drinks and syrups. Today, this plant is used in cooking, confectionery, and dairy industries (ice cream, butter, cheese, etc.). Various drinks (soda, saffron tea, energy drinks, etc.). Ready cake powders, jellies, sweets are used as a coloring and flavoring agent. It is also used in coloring sausages, margarine and shortenings (a kind of smooth oil)

Real saffron price

Dangers of inappropriate and excessive use of saffron

According to the research conducted, despite its many properties, excessive and incorrect use entails risks. If we use more than one gram and this routine is repeated every day, we will get food poisoning. Eating too much saffron can cause serious damage to the heart, which will have irreparable consequences. Nosebleeds and internal bleeding are also irreparable side effects of improper use of saffron. It is very dangerous to eat this plant during pregnancy

Doctors recommend that 10 mg per day is sufficient for health. Of course, it must be continuous to see its positive effect

price Iranian saffron

Real saffron price is brewed in two ways

A) Brewing saffron with boiling water

First, Real saffron price should be powdered (using a metal mortar or grinding at a high speed will cause the saffron to burn. Its properties and coloring will decrease. Therefore, you can use a stone or wooden mortar). Put it in a container and then pour the boiling water into the lidded container containing the saffron and let it brew for 15-20 minutes

Iranian saffron Dubai

b) Brewing saffron with the help of ice

First, you should pound and powder the Real saffron price per pound 2024 price well and put small pieces of ice in the container where you poured the saffron powder and let it melt at room temperature. Brewing saffron in this way keeps the flavor and color of saffron better

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, so it should be stored with the utmost care. The aroma of saffron gives a special aroma and taste to food, if this aroma is lost due to improper storage, it makes no sense to add it to food. This spice is extremely sensitive to light, and one of the reasons for harvesting it before sunrise is for this reason. To prevent light from hitting it, it is better to wrap its branches in aluminum foil and place it in a very small container so that little air flows in it. No matter how well the saffron is packed, it is better to use it for two years

price Iranian saffron

For storage, it is better to use a metal or glass container and avoid using plastic containers as much as possible

Place the saffron in a suitable container in the cabinet, and it is better if it is wooden because the metal cabinet heats up during the summer

wikipedia Saffron

The best place to store it is a dark and cool place without any natural or artificial light. Storing in the refrigerator is one of the common mistakes because the original saffron easily absorbs moisture if it is kept at room temperature after being stored in the refrigerator. The best temperature for storage is below 20 degrees Celsius, but it is not recommended to store saffron in the refrigerator

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