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Persian handicraft

Qom carpet History and pictures of Persian handicraft carpets

In this article, we are trying to provide comprehensive and valuable information about Qom carpet. Various designs and colors of this type of carpets are available in the market, and of course, it goes without saying that the silk carpet is considered one of the famous souvenirs of this city. Basically, after Persian handicraft, the first thing that comes to the mind of the audience about the city of Persian handicraft is the carpet . It is beautiful with a variety of colors and beautiful maps. The carpet weaving industry has always enjoyed a lot of attention among Iranians, but the carpet of this city, Qom, has had more fame and reputation Wholesale of Iranian handicraftsPersian handicraft

The history of this type of carpet goes back to 80 years ago. After that, the carpet weaving industry became very prosperous, especially when it was exported to foreign countries, it was able to gain a special position. After years, carpet weaving gradually flourished among the rural people of this area

The piles of Persian handicraft carpets are usually rough and strong. Various dimensions are also available for the texture of this type of carpets. This type of carpet, if it is woven in full silk, usually offers high prices to the buyer. Although the export of carpets has been limited in recent years due to existing sanctions, Iranian carpets have always had a special place among different types of other carpets

Important areas of the design and role of the hunting ground Persian handicraft

Iranians have always been interested in using Persian handicraft pictorial carpet in their homes. They have added more beauty and warmth to the decoration with the help of hand-woven carpets. As mentioned earlier, one of the most popular designs in Iranian handmade carpets is the hunting design, which can be seen in the woven carpets of different parts of Iran Wholesale sale of Iranian backgammon







And generally, the Shekargah carpets of Tabriz, Qom, Kashan and the northern regions of Iran are more popular

Persian handicraft

Safavid history and the golden age of Persian handicraft

The subject of hunting in handmade carpet and rugs motifs in every period has a strong relationship with the cultural, political and religious approaches of the same era. It can be said that the best period of using these motifs is related to the 16th century at the same time as the Safavid dynasty. The pattern of the hunting ground in the form of the trang pattern is one of the most common patterns used in the carpet of that period fhciran shop carpets

Persian handicraft

Kochibandi Dar carpet

After pulling the carpet, the Persian handicraft is made by special sticks that are placed in the width of the carpet

They are nomadic and divided. Kojibandi is a method to adjust the wefts and pass the wefts easily

Chain weaving

To start the weaving of the hand-woven carpet, the bottom of the carpet must first be chain-woven after tufting and knotting. This work, in addition to creating beauty at the beginning and end of the carpet, strengthens the knots and organizes the threads underneath

Persian handicraft

Steps of making Khatam on copper dishes

First, the raw materials must be prepared, the most important and time-consuming of which is to prepare the wood and bones used. The wood used in Khatam Kari is made from ebony, betel, Persian handicraft, maple, orange, jujube, begum and walnut trees, each of which has its own color. If you need to use bones, camel and horse bones are used

The performance of copper and Khatam art is done in different stages, which are briefly

Choosing the desired object or vessel to perform the art of half and seal

Designing the inlay map

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Prepare the required raw materials according to the type of plan and work plan

wrapping the seal

Cutting the parts in the required sizes according to the plan

Placing and gluing the cut pieces of Khatam on the desired container

Polishing and polishing work

Persian handicraft

All kinds of copper and Khatam dishes Persian handicraft

Hamed Karimi Persian Handicrafts is known as one of the most active and reliable centers for copper and inlay vessels in Isfahan. Karimi’s copper and Khatam products are very diverse and high-quality, which are sold in other cities besides Isfahan. Among the people outside Iran and other countries, copper and Khatam dishes have many fans. The products of Hamed Karimi’s copper and Khatam vessels include

Copper stinger and Khatam

Copper and Khatam chocolate bars

Copper flying saucer and Khatam

Copper and Khatam vases (design and decoration)

Copper and Khatam candlesticks

Copper and Khatam sweets

Persian handicraft

This pleasant art has different types which are discussed below

Embossed enamel: As the name suggests, the desired surface or dishes are enameled in an embossed form. These protrusions are done by penning on metals in an oblique and not sharp way
Enamel painting: In this method, the desired copper container is placed in fire to become resistant and then placed in water. In the next step, they glaze it with sulfur ink three times and finally paint on the glazed surface
Window enamel: This method is mostly used for gold and silver, and enameling is done by transparent and window enamel
Sugar enamel: in this type of enameling, the desired dish or surface is designed with colored glazes and placed in the fire

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Enamel warnings Persian handicraft

Enameled dishes are very elegant and their maintenance also requires elegance. For this reason, special attention should be paid to some of the points mentioned below
If your enamel container is broken and damaged, take it quickly for restoration so that this breakage does not continue
Acids can cause damage to your enameled dishes, so avoid using acidic substances in enameled dishes
Wash the enameled dishes as much as possible and avoid using disinfectants on them

Iranian handcraft

Isfahan calligraphy training

Bitumen: In this stage of penning, for this Persian handicraft, engraving is done on metals with heavy blows of a hammer, and these metals do not bend, they are covered with bitumen, which is a relatively thick layer. After the target container is cooled, white slurry is poured on the metal surface in order to better define the place of the lines created to draw motifs and designs

Carving of the main lines: This stage of Isfahan penmanship uses a lot of nimbar or pen to mark the main lines with carving, and after that, with the help of different types of pens, the background is carved and filled. The pens used in this step are such as Gersum, Shute, etc

Iranian handcraft

Paving: This stage of Persian handicraft calligraphy is because pens with different patterns are used in the head area to implement suitable decorations on the designs. Usually, the pens that are used in this stage are Hesiri, Sanbeh, Nimvar, Kulfti, Garsavad, etc. You may ask, on what basis were these names chosen? In the calligraphy of Isfahan, the name of each pen is taken from the pattern on its head, for example, the Grossum pattern can be seen in the Grossum pen

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Shaping the container: This stage of Isfahan calligraphy depends on the goal of the pen master. For example, some professors only intend to deepen the formed lines, which does not require special and complicated work. In some cases, the pen master chooses a more complicated method, i.e. raised and depressed designs in combination on the metal surface. Definitely, in smooth and flat containers such as trays and plates, painting is much easier than round and spherical containers such as vases and tights, because both pieces of the container must be made separately and then soldered to each other

De-tarring: The last stage of Isfahan painting must be de-tarring the product and remove its residues with the help of oil. After that, the dishes are smoothed with the help of a wooden or leather hammer (placed in the area of ​​the leather hammer head) and the soldering of the previous step is done with the help of tin alloy

Iranian handcraft

The gift of a pen board

These boards are also people’s favorite options for giving as gifts. Have you ever received a painting board as a gift from someone on different occasions? Or has it happened that you yourself bought a pen drawing board as a gift? If you haven’t done this yet, we suggest that you try this option the next time you want to give someone a gift. It gives you a good feeling and a very pure feeling is transferred to the person who receives this special gift from you

Persian handicraft

Occasions to give a pen board as a gift

You can give a pen board as a gift on any occasion. In the following, we suggest a few things and remind you

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new home

One of the best occasions to give a painting board as a gift is when one of our friends or relatives buys a new house and lives in it. Usually, people like to have new decorative items for their decoration in their new home. If you give them a writing board as a gift in this situation, you have given them the greatest help

Persian handicraft

The bright eye of the birth of a baby

When a new child is born in a family, whatever gift you give them will remind that child for the rest of their life that someone brought this gift to us at the time of your birth, and in this way, affection increases

vitreous enamel

Women’s Day gift

Some women show great interest in Persian handicraft, especially the art of calligraphy and inlaying frames. If your wife is also in this group, surprise and make her happy by buying a beautiful and exquisite painting on Women’s Day

Teacher’s Day gift

Persian handicraft

Teachers enjoy receiving gifts from their students more than you might think. I myself taught for a while and every small or big gift I received from my students was very valuable to me

birthday gift

Birthday is one of the best opportunities to clear the turbidity, create new intimacy and express interest. If the birthday of one of your loved ones is coming up and you want to give him a different gift from previous years that will make him very happy, we offer you a stylish pen board

Persian handicraft

Love or Valentine’s Day

Be different in buying gifts so that your love knows you as different from others. If you buy a bear for your love every Valentine’s Day, this year buy a luxury writing board and put your Valentine’s chocolates in a box of inlaid chocolates. Then see how your other party is delighted by all the differences and luxury of the gifts. We will be happy if you tell us his reaction

Iranian handcraft


The world is not worth holding grudges. Let’s face each other, the time will come for each of us to go. So what is better to go lighter. If you have a grudge against someone and there is a difference between you, prepare a gift with or without an excuse and visit him. Maybe your pride won’t allow it, but after you do it, you’ll see how relaxed, comfortable, and light you feel

Iranian handcraft

Congratulations on the marriage

Some people present their gifts at the same wedding Persian backgammon, but others go to the bride and groom’s house and give gifts. In any case, a pen board can be a very stylish and suitable gift for congratulating a marriage. A gift that the joint couple looks at every time, the sweet memories of the beginning of life are refreshed for them
It is also mentioned in the words of the Prophet of Islam that giving gifts increases love
If there is turbidity and discomfort between you and someone, with or without an excuse, try to visit him and console him by buying a small gift. Especially if the other person is older than you or has a right over you. The world is not worth hatred and enmity. Sooner than you think, our days will end and we must be ready to go. So what is better to fly lighter and more comfortably

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