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iranian arts and crafts

Why are iranian arts and crafts rugs the best option for use in the bathroom

Since the bathroom is usually humid and wet, iranian arts and crafts using wool rugs is the best option for use in these places, because wool fibers are very durable and easy to clean. Whether you want to use a small rug in front of the sink or you want to cover the area of ​​the dressing room, in order to create visual distance, using a larger rug, there is no doubt that this Handicrafts woolen rug is one that you will love and is the best option. It will be a bathroom Wholesale of Iranian handicrafts

Iranian handcraft

You can easily clean it by shaking it and put it back in its place, while the wool keeps your feet warm by absorbing moisture. Handwoven rugs are an economical option compared to the floors that are traditionally used in bathrooms; Although bathroom floor mats are cheaper than handmade rugs, these materials will deteriorate quickly and you will have to replace them

And because of this, the cost of using these non-durable materials will be much higher than a iranian arts and crafts silk carpet. It is much easier to clean and maintain a hand-woven carpet, which will save you more money in the long run. You buy it once and use it forever Wholesale sale of Iranian backgammon

iranian arts and crafts


Choose the right design and size for your bathroom iranian arts and crafts

As always, measure your space before buying a rug. Bathrooms can be deceiving because of their smaller size and the presence of fixtures and fittings such as toilets, showers and tubs in them. If you don’t have much space, you can use a small rug in front of the tub or shower. When choosing handwoven rugs, consider the color pattern of your space, so that the color pattern completes your space and creates a uniform space.

Preparation of raw materials

The stages of carpet weaving iranian arts and crafts are done with the help of raw materials and work tools, including cotton thread, wool, silk, handmade carpet dar, koji, comb, tambourine and hook. The type of fibers used is different according to the amount of carpet count and the type of design and role. For example, in the weaving of silk carpets, silk is used for cream and warp yarn. They are also used for weft thread or warp from materials such as cotton, wool and silk. Also, cotton with different twist is used for thin and thick fabric fhciran shop carpets

iranian arts and crafts

Dyeing process

Among the stages of carpet weaving , dyeing is one of the first stages. Natural colors are used for this. Dyeing is done in three ways: direct, stabilizing and bending

Natural raw materials such as various plants and insects are also used to prepare paint. For example, safflower or some kind of insect is used to make red and purple colors. Also, the use of dry or fresh pomegranate skin gives a yellow color. By combining pomegranate and stabilizers such as iron, a yellow to brown and black color is obtained

handicrafts iran

Preparing the rug

This is done by carpet artists. Of course, in workshops of iranian arts and crafts pictorial carpet that are produced with a large volume of carpets

Artists who specialize in weaving do this and provide the prepared dar to the carpet artist

Also, it can be used to prevent the three different methods of Persian, Turkish and combined handicrafts ira

But the combined drawing has more capabilities and uses. In addition, today, to increase the speed of work

Fully automatic machines are used to pull carpets in handwoven carpet production workshops

handicrafts iran

Introduction of Isfahan Khatam What is Khatam iranian arts and crafts

Khatam is a cover that is obtained by putting together a thin layer about one and a half millimeters thick, small and equilateral pieces of colored wood along with triangular pieces of metal, brass and bone. Khatam making is considered one of the best arts of Isfahan and Its originator and inventor is not known, but its basis and method of work are very similar to mosaic work, which has a long history not only in Iran but also in the world. Introduction of iranian arts and crafts Khatam What is Khatam


According to Professor Pope, this art is mosaic work with colored wood and bone, which is called iranian arts and crafts. With the difference that in Khatam art, small pieces of wood, bone, and metal are prepared during a long-term process and placed together in a completely orderly manner in the form of geometric shapes, and after cutting in layers, with wood glue. They are pasted on a wooden sub-work. Old works such as in the palaces and passages of the Qur’an show the age of this art in the city of Isfahan, especially during the Safavid era. Introduction of Isfahan Khatam Kari

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There are many definitions of creativity, creativity and innovation are factors of growth and flourishing of talent and driving towards self-actualization, trying to create a purposeful change in social or economic power, using mental abilities to create a new thought or concept, and creativity innovation is manifested And it has reached the stage of action, in other words, innovation means realized creative thought; innovation is the use of mental abilities to create a new thought or concept. Artists can create brilliant works within the framework of content and traditional rules, which not only contain innovation and creativity, but also will not hinder the creations after them

iranian arts and crafts
Creativity and innovation in the works of the two research periods of this article is the artistic creativity that has led to the development of the mentioned art and the creation of a new and innovative artistic style and method. Sometimes this creativity, as it happened in the Safavid period, in the process of growth and development
This art has taken a step towards ease of work. Sometimes, this innovation in the Qajar period in order to achieve diversity and visual beauty, reached the practical aspects of the work compared to the previous periods, has undergone positive and efficient changes that the artists of this beautiful and traditional art have not been spared from this watershed until today, and they always owe their art to innovation. And they know the genius of the artists of this period. The artists of this period created brilliant works within the framework of content and traditional rules, which not only contain innovation and creativity, but also did not hinder the creations after them

iranian arts and crafts

So, as mentioned, traditional art has principles based on which we can talk about creativity in its special sense. Creativity is represented in both periods under consideration in this research, and in the Qajar period, according
to the evolution of the art of inlaying, it is more important and more important than the Safavid period. Based on the content and images that were presented

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BUYING A PEN IN ISFAHAN iranian arts and crafts

Buying pens from iranian arts and crafts means buying the highest quality and most beautiful pens in Iran, which are available in a variety of designs and patterns, styles and containers, so that you can buy the best model according to your taste and request, as well as decorative or consumer use. Today, due to the diversity of Isfahan pencil products, you have many choices to buy pencil tools, some of these very beautiful products include: – samovar – assembly – tray – chocolate bowl – fruit bowl – panel – pastry bowl – bowl – coffee pot – vase – Kashkul – Teng – Tea service, etc

iranian arts and crafts

Isfahan penmanship has a very reasonable price and an excellent price balance between quality and efficiency, while there are many stores, we also see a variety of Isfahan penmanship prices, but the Isfahan handicraft store has fully specialized and professional workshops and uses knowledge and the advice of penmanship masters to produce the best and highest quality penmanship products in Isfahan, which certainly with the variety of designs and motifs and copper, silver and wooden backgrounds, etc. There is iranian arts and crafts

The art of Isfahan penmanship is one of the cheap and popular handicrafts of Iran because of its beauty and durability. Isfahan backgammon Store is proud to have the most comprehensive collection of all handicrafts of Iran and Isfahan, including Isfahan penmanship. You, dear friends, can place an order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also receive free advice on the purchase of Isfahan pen products

Iranian handicrafts online store

iranian arts and crafts OF PAINTING

When buying iranian arts and crafts and pen products in Isfahan, you should pay attention to a few points that are observed in all handicraft store products

A perfect and completely pure infrastructure without holes and breaks is the basic condition for making quality products of Isfahan calligraphy art, that’s why you should buy from a completely reliable store

If Isfahan’s special pen is used in the products, all the designs and patterns, especially in the face and face pen, elegance and beauty will be the first word in it, and its material and spiritual value will increase greatly

The thicker the work area and the more detailed it is, it is a sign of the high quality and value of the product

In the dishes that are several pieces, make sure that the soldered place of the dishes must be without any defects

iranian arts and crafts

Araman’s suggestions for Khatamkari products

Copper is one of the best metals that is used next to Khatam. Using copper and inlay nuts as home decor will add soul to your home and make your reception hall look like a palace, luxurious and valuable

The backgammon bed inside the seal of the hunting design

Backgammon is one of the authentic Iranian games that many iranian arts and crafts are interested in. By buying a backgammon board inside the hunting plan, you can use its inner part as a backgammon board and its outer part as a chess board. On the other hand, you can use it as a beautiful and original decoration in the corner of your living room

Iranian handicrafts online store

Khatam ring holder

Khatam ring holder is one of the most beautiful works of this beautiful art. You can use it as a decor on the console or inside the showcase or put your small jewelry inside it

Khatamkari pencil case

Those who have a hand in calligraphy are always worried about what kind of equipment is suitable for keeping their pens. An inlaid pencil case can be a special place for your pens. iranian arts and crafts sells a special inlay. This pencil case can be a suitable place for your pens, and because of its beauty, it can play an important role in beautifying the space of the room where you work

iranian arts and crafts

Frequently asked questions about finishing work and its steps iranian arts and crafts

In the above article, we explained details about the art of inlaying; If you are interested in handicrafts made with this outstanding Iranian art, you can visit iranian arts and crafts store website. At the end of the article, we intend to point out some points about how to maintain Khatam work tools

vitreous enamel

Keeping works away from humidity and humidity fluctuations due to changes in wood dimensions as well as expansion and contraction in the product, which causes the fibers and joints to loosen and destroy the work

It is better not to expose the works of Khatam Kari to direct sunlight because it will cause its wood to rot and change its color

It is recommended that inlay works should not be exposed to high temperature fluctuations because it will cause the works to crack and also change the color of their wood

Any physical impact will damage the effect, weaken or break it

As a result of the passage of time, the polyester coating of the inlay will suffer. It is better to change the cover of the effect at regular intervals

It is better to keep the work in a place away from the presence of termites and insects to prevent it from being eaten and damaged by these insects

iranian arts and crafts

1 Introduction

Considering the importance of Khatamkari art in terms of traditional and national arts and referring to the remaining works of this art, iranian arts and crafts it is important to address the issue of identifying, introducing and adapting its most important periods. This article seeks to find the indicators of innovation
and creativity in the inlay works of the Safavid and Qajar periods and to explain the components of quality in construction, innovation in color, use of raw materials, etc. The reason for choosing these two periods of inlay art can be briefly stated as follows: the art of the Safavid period was the peak
of Iranian culture and art and the creation of unique works in art, including the art of inlay; Qajar period, which continues the previous styles

iranian arts and crafts

Including the Safavid period, with the help of artists’ creativity, we see innovation in many arts, including iranian arts and crafts . With the following
analytical-comparative review, the similarities and differences of Khatamkari art have been investigated and finally, the strengths, innovation and creativity of the Qajar period have been mentioned. Due to the non-publication of images and information about the unique works of both periods in books and library resources and their unavailability in field studies, unfortunately, images of some works were not presented and we only mentioned their names

iranian arts and crafts

It should be noted that the works mentioned in this article are among the most significant and were examined as the works that were the clear representative and manifestation of this art in both
periods. The current research is organized in three parts

iranian arts and crafts

In the beginning, the definition of the art of inlaying (iranian arts and crafts) as well as the definition of the author, general history and raw materials are stated. Then the inlays of the Safavid
and Qajar period and the significant works of each period are mentioned. In the continuation of explanation, analysis and adaptation of innovation and creativity in art, especially in traditional art, with emphasis on the art of inlaying, referring to the works left over from these two periods. Based on the obtained results, the writer
tries to take a step towards knowing traditional and national arts, especially the art of Khatamkari, by passing on this analytical-comparative study and examining the examples of indicators, and by expressing the components of innovation and creativity, the ambiguity in the aspects of Reveal the history of this art

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