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Iranian Gift shop

Iranian Gift shop Carpet weaving

To increase the life and strength of the silk carpet, Iranian Gift shop carpet weaving is done at the beginning and end of it. In simple terms, carpet weaving is passing thin and thick weft through the threads under and on the carpet Wholesale of Iranian handicrafts

Iranian Gift shop

Iranian Gift shop Handwoven carpet texture

At this stage, the handmade carpet artist weaves the carpet by creating multiple knots in the carpet. Persian and Turkish knots are mostly used for tying. Of course, the Turkish knot has more endurance and cannot be easily opened

Iranian Gift shop

The texture of the map and design

After weaving some of the carpet’s background, Iranian Gift shop the weaving of its motifs begins. To create patterns, different colors should be used to create a design on the carpet. Of course, nowadays, with the help of computer software, many designs can be created, and if there is a problem in the design and drawing process, it can be fixed and changed Wholesale sale of Iranian backgammon

Iranian handcraft

Iranian Gift shop Carpet color and the meaning behind 9 famous colors

pictorial carpet color plays an important role in home decoration Iranian Gift shop. Whether we want to buy carpets, curtains or other items, or depending on the environment and decorations we want to create in the desired space, we must choose our colors carefully

We may choose blue color to have a relaxing atmosphere, or choose yellow color to give a bright and sunny effect to the room. However, for carpet weavers, colors were nothing but decorative elements

Different colors have had different meanings and different weavers chose colors deliberately and deliberately depending on the message they wanted to convey through their design and role fhciran shop carpets

We take a look at some of the more common colors in carpets and discuss the message that each of these colors have

Iranian Gift shop


For Iranians, especially Muslims, green is considered a sacred color since it is related to the Prophet

Like the corners and sides, it is specialized. Green color is considered as a symbol of hope, life, spring and renewal


Red is the color of fire. An energetic color that brings joy, happiness, enthusiasm, courage, strength, faith and dynamism. The weavers have used the color of the red carpet freely in their weaving to emphasize specific designs or motifs. highlight what they had


Brown represents earth and soil and is considered the color of fertility


The color of the blue carpet is a symbol of strength and power, honesty and loneliness, and also refers to the afterlife


Yellow is the color of the sun, and in weaving too much yellow is associated with the sun and represents happiness and life


Orange is used to create a sense of humility or piety in motifs and designs


White is a pure color and is associated with purity of heart, lack of selfishness, purity and peace

Iranian Gift shop


Black is a powerful color and usually leads to doom and destruction. Carpet weavers rarely use this color to create complete designs or even for carpet backgrounds

This carpet color is mostly used to create specific and detailed designs, and more demarcation and differentiation between other designs in the carpet

Iranian Gift shop Nuts inlay on copper

Nuts are one of the favorite foods on the Iranian table, especially on Yalda night and Nowruz. Handicrafts Gift shop Copper and Khatam nut bowl is one of the most unique copper and metal serving dishes, in addition to the attractiveness and appearance it gives to your reception, you can put nuts inside it and serve your guests in the most beautiful dishes. Ajil Khouri copper and Khatam has a long and very elegant base, which artistically shows the art of Khatam. The edges of this nut eater are dalbery shaped and complete the beauty of this nut eaterHandicrafts

Copper and Khatam chocolate bars

Mes Khatam eating chocolate  is one of the most modern handicrafts produced in recent years, which is designed according to the needs of the day. This beautiful chocolate bar has a cover on it to protect the contents of the container from dust and pollution. Copper and Khatam chocolate bar has a long base with a wide bottom to be balanced and stable on the table. Iranian Gift shop The beautiful art of Khatam can be seen on the lid, base and body of this chocolate bar, which is beautifully engraved on this dish. You can place this chocolate bar as one of the decorative dishes on your table and complete the beauty of your reception

Iranian Gift shop

Copper and Khatam sweets

Copper and Khatam sweets are among other copper and backgammon tableware, which are very popular with ladies and decoration designers. This candy bar has a long and wide base so that it can bear the weight of its contents well. This pastry case has a wide opening and it is easy to put serving utensils in it and place it on the table. In the edges and bases of this pastry, the art of inlaying is executed and shows itself beautifully. Copper and Khatam confectionery is very luxurious and beautiful and has a very attractive appearance


Iranian Gift shop Inlay sugars on copper

Copper and Khatam sugarcane has a short but wide base and fits well on the table. A beautiful and patterned derby sugar is placed on this container to increase the attractiveness of this container and protect its internal contents from pollution and dust. The art of inlaying consists of placing triangles together, and the smaller these triangles are and the more delicately they are placed next to each other, the quality and value of the work will increase. Copper and Khatam sugarcane is one of the authentic Iranian handicrafts, which is available in different dimensions. These candies are not only used for reception, but also doubles the charm of your decoration

Iranian Gift shop

Tools and necessary materials for enameling

To perform the art of enameling on copper, it is better to first familiarize yourself with the necessary tools
Among the necessary tools and materials for enameling, the following can be mentioned

Iranian Gift shop

Iranian Gift shop The initial stage of making the desired enamel container

1. To prepare the enamel, first of all, the vessels to be vitreous enamel are made into the desired shape and size by an expert coppersmith
2. After this step, the master enameller paints white glaze on the target vessel and it is usually glazed 3 to 4 times, and in each step of glazing, it goes to the furnace and is exposed to a temperature of about 700 degrees until the color of the glaze is fixed.
3. After this step, they paint it with different colors. The vessel in question goes back to the oven and is heated to 400-500 degrees so that the colors come out in the desired way
4. A brief explanation about the pen: Iranian Gift shop the end of the pen tube is held over the flame, and the amount that melted is inserted into its head with a needle

The fineness of the needle depends on the opinion of the artist and master craftsman. Also, some pens are used with grilled sticks or sticks that are carved by people

Iranian handcraft

Iranian Gift shop Etching

Definitely, the art of Isfahan penmanship cannot be considered simply in hitting the hammer on the pen and moving it on the metal surface to create shapes and symbols, but an artist who is engaged in the profession of penmanship on copper , if he lacks personal taste and interest. There will definitely be no beauty and detail, and you will not receive any energy by holding pen products. Copper plate engraving and various types of engraving boards are used more for corporate promotional gifts

Iranian Gift shop

Perhaps the best reason for the emergence of Isfahan penmanship art is that the profession of penmanship is durable and long-lasting due to the engravings created on metals such as copper and silver, and it can easily convey the important events and events of any era for the next eras, and that is why copper writing has been of interest since ancient times for Isfahan writing and enameling, while it is also the best metal in terms of malleability. The price of Isfahan painting and other handmade products depends on the time spent on their production. Iranian Gift shop The purchase of Isfahan pens in bulk and individually is considered for customers and they can register their orders without physical presence

Iranian handcraft

History of calligraphy art in Isfahan

Before the date of the first documentation that shows the use of the art of penmanship goes back to thousands of years before Christ, from which the Hasanlu Golden Cup remains

Medes: During the period of the Medes, that is, between 6 and 7 centuries BC, metal sculptures with animal designs related to the Assyrians and Scythians were found in Sanandaj, which shows the continued prosperity and importance of the art of calligraphy in Isfahan today. It has history in different periods

Iranian Gift shop

Raw design for copper panel

If you are an artist looking for a rough design for a copper plate, there are a few things to consider
People’s daily taste and your own tendency
Artists have different tastes in creating different designs. Some artists do not care for them and they implement every design with care and love. Iranian Gift shop Some artists are also interested in certain designs and implement them with greater interest and precision

Iranian handicrafts online store
People’s taste and market needs are also very important. Art, like other industries in the world, undergoes changes. Of course, a part of art may always remain the same and a part may change according to the day. People’s taste also changes according to these changes. For example, in the world of poetry, until several years ago, there were more audience members of poetry formats, and today, people may be more audience members of other formats and other types of poetry. It is the same in the art of painting. Clothing design and other arts of the world are also in the same way

Iranian handcraft

Design on copper

In general, copper products have different designs. Dishes and products such as copper pots, copper samovar service, copper chocolates, copper warmers, copper pots and pans, etc
usually the copper dishes used in the kitchen have a simpler design and a lot on them. It doesn’t work. Iranian Gift shop But decorative copper dishes and objects that are used for decoration, showcase, dowry or reception have more elaborate and beautiful designs
A pen artist can also be a designer. Like a carpenter who can be a furniture designer, or a tailor who can also be a clothes designer. A handicraft artist, such as a penman, a enameller, or a craftsman, can also be a designer in addition to doing handicraft work and being a producer, and use his own designs in doing handicraft art. By the way, if the artist can present beautiful and desirable designs, he will be welcomed very soon because people are looking for new and unique ideas and they like them

Iranian Gift shop
Writing field in universities
The field of penmanship, Turquoise Inlaying Gift shop which was created to preserve the art of penmanship in universities, was welcomed by art lovers. This beautiful and valuable art, which expresses the culture and civilization of our country, Iran, was first seen in the form of sculptures in the mountains and on the building stones of kings’ palaces and historical buildings, and even during the cave-dwelling era. Later, the art of sculpture was transformed into engraving and then penning, and the patterns and images were transferred from the stones of buildings and mountains to precious stones, especially agate, and it was called “engraving”. As a result, metals such as gold, silver, copper, brass and steel became the main background of these beautiful and eye-catching patterns and the art was called “penciling”. The art of calligraphy has been common in Isfahan since ancient times, and old calligraphy objects have been adorning museums and private collections since various times. In fact, this art is a type of engraving on metal. In this ancient art, patterns and designs are carved on the surface of metal objects. The tools of pen artists are a number of special pens and pencils. Calligraphy in Iran has a long history

Iranian Gift shop
Some of the job fields of some fields of handicrafts are
Iranian Gift shop setting up handicraft
workshops, working in handicraft
workshops, working in painting
workshops, managing art workshops, exhibitions, and museums
producing pottery and engravings on it
Weaving all kinds of rugs, rugs and patterned cloths
, working in workshops for the production of glazes for pottery and tiles
designing patterns for various fields of handicrafts

Iranian handicrafts online store
workshops for the production of all kinds of metalwork containers, engraving and engraving on them
, designing and making various metal containers, various boxes. , various frames, various plaques and written plaques
creating relief in the form of writing on dishes or writing in the form of a board or in the form of writing with raised letters
Setting up an exhibition of works of art and handicrafts
teaching painting and making ornaments in the workshop or other environments
designing and implementing tapestry products and ornaments
designing and implementing inlaid work: combining all kinds of stones with metal

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