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pictorial carpet price

pictorial carpet price

pictorial carpet price are small pieces of carpet that are framed and hung on the walls

They are more decorative and add color, originality and beauty to the houses

Carpet, especially in classic style (one of the interior decoration styles), are special elements

The beautification of the inside of the houses is unique. Magical and colorful paintings can be considered as one of the most conceptual decorations

pictorial carpet price

Types of pictorial carpet price and their designs

pictorial carpet price are available in the market in two types, hand-woven and machine-made, and it is a popular product

These attractive and colorful panels are seen in the market in sizes of 35×50, 50×70, 70×100, 80×120, 100×150, and 200×300

Tableau Rug

Various pictorial carpet price designs

Nature and natural landscapes have always been the focus of nature lovers. pictorial carpet price with landscape and nature themes are placed in this category. Machine-made carpets such as spring and autumn carpets, waterfall, mountain, forest, sea and river designs, sunset and lovely nature carpets, etc., which can be a lasting effect in your home or an eternal gift for Be a gift to your friends and acquaintances

pictorial carpet price

Floral motifs such as baskets and bouquets

One of the most beautiful designs that can be found on a silk carpet is a carpet with a pattern of flowers or a landscape of birds. This model of pictorial carpet price is very suitable for rustic style houses because rustic houses usually have the feeling of nature

Karastan Tableau Rug

Different animals

Carpets that depict designs of different animals are animal carpets . The elegance and transparency of these pictorial carpet price can sometimes evoke the objective atmosphere of the presence of animals and revive the mood of nature and the flow of life. Animal carpets are divided into two main categories

Domestic animals (such as birds, horses, deer, fish, cats, dogs, etc.)

Wild (such as lions, tigers, leopards, wolves, bears, etc.)

 Domestic and wild can be produced by machine or hand-woven, in this case, buying hand-woven samples requires paying more expenses

Dubai silk carpet

Qur’anic verses and hadiths

Ayat One Yakad rugs are one of the best-selling Quranic rugs that are designed and woven according to the taste of each customer. Quranic pictorial carpet price have different types and designs. For example, in some carpets of Ayah and Qur’an, flower designs are used for the border; They also use birds (which are a symbol of purity). The designs of pictorial carpet and their color palettes make the carpets beautiful . Verse carpets usually complement the color palette of the text with the wallpaper, and this makes the work even more beautiful

pictorial carpet price

A combination of history, animals and scenery

From its name, it can be guessed that in the design of this type of paintings, a combination of images of natural landscapes, animals, historical monuments, etc. is used. This type of carpets has a special beauty and has many fans

The design and play of color in the preparation of the carpet map is so diverse and different that it satisfies and pleases every taste, opinion and desire

pictorial carpet price

History of the pictorial carpet price

Carpets and pictorial carpet price have grown throughout history like humans

That is why every period of history is recorded in the carpets of its time

The history of carpet weaving goes back to the fifth century BC

Although carpet weaving was very important in the Achaemenid period, but the evidence indicates that  pictorial carpet price weaving flourished in the Sassanid period. Because the famous Baharstan carpet is from the Sassanid era

pictorial carpet price


In the past, paper maps were used for the weaving of these decorative panels, that is, after choosing the desired design or the image and pattern of the carpet, that design was printed on paper based on the size of the carpet using printing machines, and the weaver used the paper for weaving. It was checkered

Today, with the development of technology and drawing diagrams, designs are prepared by computer and with special software

These carpet maps are known as computer maps

pictorial carpet price

The effect of types of pictorial carpet price on the choice of customers

There are two kinds of traditional and computerized pictorial carpet price   in the market. These two types of maps are different from each other, which makes them completely separate from each other

pictorial carpet price

Map of traditional carpets

The traditional carpet map, which is also known as illiteracy map , includes sheets on which each house is designed according to the color of the map. Each house of this sheet represents a knot on the rug. In the past, this design existed only among pictorial carpet price weavers , who weave beautiful and simple designs such as a flower, bird, and any other design that suits their taste

pictorial carpet price

Map of computer carpets

In the new technical and professional regulations, it is said that only those who will be able to work with the computer map of the handmade carpet, who have completed at least secondary education. The reason for creating this law is that the presence of numerous numbers in the computer map may make people with low literacy level unable to use them

In choosing these two types of maps , the person’s education levels should be taken into consideration in the first step, and then the design of the map that is going to be woven

pictorial carpet price

The weaving process of Iranian hand-woven pictorial carpet price

Preparation of raw materials including chele thread, woolen thread, weft thread
Preparation and tools
Preparation of the desired map
The beginning of the carpet
Simple carpet weaving, tying the threads with cream
Map reading, making knots based on the colored houses of the map
Carrying out wefting and beating wefts
Shirazeh screw on the sides
The act of pounding the ridges and cutting the extra hairs
Adherence in preventing possible defects during weaving
Pulling down: Finishing the work of a woven carpet

Dubai silk carpet

Explanation that in a carpet, the density of knots and their elegance represent the quality of the Iranian hand-woven pictorial carpet price. This means that the higher the number of knots and in the term of carpet weaving, the fuller it is, the higher its quality

Accuracy in the boards

You should be careful in choosing the map of the pictorial carpet price, especially the hand-woven panels

Because these paintings may have defects due to lack of attention in the texture, which greatly reduces their beauty

pictorial carpet price

The size of the carpet and its relationship with the chosen map

Like other parts of the carpet, the pictorial carpet price has different sizes, the choice of which is only related to the taste of the trainee, the needs and the majority of the people

On each rug , considering its size, only maps of a limited size can be implemented. Keep in mind that small designs can also be woven on large rugs depending on the size of the rug. But larger maps are limited in size

pictorial carpet price

Defects in the carpet map

Lack of originality of plan or map

Skewness in texture

Lack of yarn quality in the carpet

Non-uniformity and irregularity of carpet sizes

For various reasons, such as inappropriate thread and fibers, anonymous maps, old machines, lack of monitoring of thread production stages to carpet weaving, etc., machine-made panels may have defects that reduce their attractiveness

pictorial carpet price

pictorial carpet price Synthetic or natural silk

pictorial carpet price woven from natural silk (made from silk cocoons) are very beautiful, delicate, delicate and eye-catching

Carpets that are woven and framed with fluff (soft wool on the body of cattle) are also often expensive and have their fans

It is one of the most widely used raw materials in the weaving of all kinds of carpets and rugs. Wool threads have different qualities and carpets with different quality and beauty are produced from them

Cotton thread is also widely used and is often used in the weft of Iranian carpets

Tableau Rug

The price of these yarns is cheaper than natural yarns and carpets are made from them at more reasonable prices

Mixed yarns and

Each of the mentioned items in turn affect the price of yarn and  map  . For this reason, it is necessary for the customer to measure his budget before making any decision, and then have the necessary checks about the pictorial carpet price map  and get his information in this field

For example, he should be able to distinguish between a copy and an original map, or know the difference between merino thread and silk, the size of his map and the pattern should be in harmony, and… if you want your carpet weaving map to be of the best type and not have any defects. You should set aside more budget for it

Dubai silk carpet

Types of designs and maps of machine carpet panels

Designs and maps of pictorial carpet price including cultural and artistic fields, natural landscapes and personal pictures of flowers, vases, fruits, Iranian paintings, European paintings, oriental paintings, miniatures, verses and religious places, animals and birds, statues, works Ancient, fantasy, garden alley, nomadic and village life, etc

Karastan Tableau Rug

How to maintain Iranian hand-woven pictorial carpet

Iranian hand-woven carpet is one of the most exquisite and delicate gifts, of course, how to maintain and care for it is the first word

Let me share with you some key and important points for your confidence and empowerment in preserving and maintaining Iranian hand-woven carpets

The first point is to install the hand-woven Iranian carpet in the right place, which, of course, helps to make your decoration more beautiful and luxurious

Iranian hand-woven carpets should not be hung directly on plaster or limestone walls, nor should nails be hammered on the carpets

pictorial carpet price

Because the texture of the carpet is perforated and if the nail rusts, the rust stain will remain on the carpet forever

Do not roll and fold Iranian hand-woven pictorial carpet price ! You can use naphthalene powder or tablets to prevent your carpet from being stolen

Do not place the carpet in environments with high humidity, because you increase the possibility of it rotting

Iranian handmade carpets should not be hung on the wall without a frame. If the carpet is located in closed and abandoned places

Once a month, open the doors and inspect the carpet. Avoid direct sunlight on the carpet

pictorial carpet price

How to clean the pictorial carpet

The best way to dust the pictorial carpet price is to use a vacuum cleaner brush. If the tapestry in which

It is possible to mix the colors if you wash it from chemical dyes

And you want to do it yourself, first remove the board from its frame. Then, clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner

Sweep to remove dust particles. Washing the carpet with cleaning materials with acidic properties such as chlorohydrosulfites causes the carpet fibers to be less durable and destroyed. The best detergents for carpets are low acid soaps

Never use bleaching chemicals in carpet cleaners to whiten the roots of the carpet

pictorial carpet price

pictorial carpet price

Never spread the pictorial carpet price on the rope. Because it may be delayed

Get advice from a carpet cleaning expert to wash Iranian hand-woven carpets

Because each carpet is washed according to its material, density, stains, and type of color, and the cleaning and washing of each carpet is different

But for carpets, it is better to wash these carpets because carpets are exposed more than other carpets

And they should always be clean and tidy. It is better to wash the carpets periodically. so that its carpet washing needs less steps

. The originality of the hand- woven carpet is very important. Special and original carpets have a texture certificate that is recorded on the back of the work. Check it at the time of purchase

Tableau Rug

Another quality and original feature of the carpet is that it is not crooked. To check this, check it from the back of the panel, as it is not very noticeable from the front

A very important point when buying is to preferably buy an unframed pictorial carpet price and then frame it yourself. Because many carpet defects cannot be recognized by framing it

Examining the back of the hand- woven carpet will make many things visible to you. Things like whether the panel is finely or coarsely woven, the type of knots used, the accuracy of the weaver’s combs, and other things

pictorial carpet price

The texture of the carpet is not the only important thing, “finishing” is one of the most important steps of having a good carpet , which if not done correctly can reduce the beauty and value of the whole work

pictorial carpet price video youtube

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