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Carpet panel

Carpet panel

Carpets are decorative shop carpet panel with beautiful and unique colors that are framed and attached to the wall like a panel. Today, in many palaces and luxurious houses, different types of this product are used, which makes the space twice as beautiful

Carpet panel

handmade carpet are unique handwovens inspired by old paintings drawn by famous Iranian, European and American painters. This product has a decorative aspect and is not used as a floor covering. The designs used in carpets are different from the designs and motifs of ordinary carpets; The hand-woven model of carpets is more expensive because it is woven by human hands, and higher quality threads such as natural silk are used in the making of this product, which increases its price and its use in your home creates beauty. It becomes special and attracts everyone’s eyes
Read this article to the end to learn about the features of expensive carpets and the materials used in them that increase the price
 pictorial carpet price

What is the most expensive hand-woven Iranian Carpet panel

Different types of carpets are available in the market. You can buy and use both handmade and machine models of this product. As mentioned, the hand-woven model of machine carpets is more expensive and has its own characteristics
Carpet panel are woven with various threads, the most widely used of which is silk. In the following, we will mention the introduction of the threads used in the carpet, which increases the value of the product
pictorial carpet price
Artificial and natural silk thread: silk carpet woven with natural silk thread made from silk cocoons are very beautiful, delicate, soft and eye-catching, making this product an expensive product
Fluff thread: Carpets woven with fluff thread increase the value of the product and turn it into an expensive item. Fluff yarn is made from soft wool that has four ends on the body
pictorial carpet price
Woolen yarn: This yarn is made from sheep’s wool and has a different quality depending on the breed of the animal. In fact, it is one of the most widely used raw materials in the preparation of carpets and it has different types that make the carpets attractive and is very effective in determining the price of the carpets
Cotton thread: This type of thread used in carpets is also very popular and it is used a lot in the weft of Iranian silk carpet
According to the introduction of different types of yarn in the preparation of expensive carpets, you can buy the desired product according to your taste
Different types of carpets with different designs are available in the market. But some of the patterns woven on the carpet have a higher price than others. Some of the important paintings drawn by famous painters throughout history are among those that are very effective in the price of this product. Also, these carpets add a beautiful perspective to your desired space. It should be noted that in some of the sales agencies of this product, it is also possible to have a carpet texture with your desired design

Buying the most expensive hand-woven Iranian Carpet panel

The price of the handmade type of this product is higher than its machine model. Because higher quality materials and fibers are used in its preparation and these factors have a direct effect on its price and quality. In the following, we will describe some factors affecting the price and quality of Carpet panel
The type of thread used in the carpet you want is one of the most important factors affecting the quality and price of this product. The use of silk thread doubles the beauty of this product
pictorial carpet price
The beauty of the plan and design and the implementation of natural colors are also factors affecting the quality and price of carpet panels. In such a way that the viewer is fascinated by its design from afar
The prominence and prominence of the carpet panel is very important in the beauty of this product. The highlighting of the designs of this product is done by the payer and after finishing the texture. Carpet polishing is an impressive art that increases the price of goods
So far, we have explained the types of important features affecting the price of the carpet. To buy unique and expensive carpets, which are usually rare, you should visit the sales branches of this product all over the country. You can get a lot of information in this field by visiting Sib ‘s website. Sib informs you about the price and factors affecting the price of carpet by providing important information
Carpet panel

What is a handwoven tapestry and what are its features

What is a handmade Carpet panel and what are its features? Carpet painting is one of the unique Iranian arts that over time has gained a very special place in domestic and foreign markets

pictorial carpet price

What is a carpet

What is a handmade Carpet panel and what are its features? The carpet is actually the pictorial carpet in small dimensions

Now, any carpet that has knots, i.e. it is woven from the juxtaposition of knots, is called a carpet. Now, any carpet that is small in size (20×30 cm to 3×2 meters) is called a carpet

In most cases, carpets are placed inside the frame and installed on the walls of the house to make the house look beautiful. Since these panels are a symbol of Iran’s antiquity, authenticity, history and culture, it adds beauty and color to your home


The history and antiquity of the Carpet panel

The history of hand-woven Carpet panel has always been accompanied by many uncertainties and speculations, but studies show that the years 345 to 435 BC are the beginning of carpet weaving in Iran, and carpet weaving has existed from the very beginning. Of course, not in today’s concept of carpet

pictorial carpet price

In fact, the spread of carpet weaving in Iran started from the Achaemenid period and it was during the Sassanid period that handwoven carpets became popular in Iran

Carpet weaving continued until almost 80 years ago, the people of one of the cities of East Azarbaijan province named Sardroud decided to continue weaving carpets professionally

The use of a wide range of colors and elegance in the weaves of the city of Sardrood made this city gain world fame in the weaving of carpet panels, to the point where today Sardrood is called the carpet capital of the world

Carpet panel

General types of carpets

Carpet panels are divided into two main categories, hand-woven and machine-made, each of which has its own characteristics

Since you don’t know what a handmade carpet is , stay with us on Carpet panel website

In addition to its beauty, it has a certain age and authenticity, it has a much higher price than a car

pictorial carpet price

But if you don’t care much about the artistic nature of the work and are only looking for a beautiful work for your home that has a lower price

Machine-made carpet is a suitable option for you. Iranian hand-woven carpets have a very high reputation

And not only in Iran; Rather, European, American, Arab and Chinese countries are very eager to buy them

Karastan Tableau Rug

The most important hand-woven and machine-made Carpet panel designs

As we said, carpets are woven and produced in small sizes, for which standard sizes; The sizes are 35×50, 50×70, 70×100, 80×120, 100×150 and 200×300. These sizes are used for weaving different designs of carpets, which we will introduce below to you the most important ones

pictorial carpet in dubai


In this type of carpets, natural landscapes such as rivers, trees, forests, flowers, etc. are used

pictorial carpet price


We Iranians have always been sensitive and kind to the animals in our place of residence, the use of natural images of animals is also very common in our carpets

Carpet panel knows that the most important thing after the thread in relation to the thread and the pattern of the Carpet panel is the map that is used in the texture of the carpet

In order to weave a carpet, in addition to yarn and carpet weaving tools , we also need a suitable plan or map

pictorial carpet in dubai


 It includes the use of pictures related to decorative and natural bouquets


This type of carpets, which has become very common in the modern world, uses pictures of famous people and world names for the texture of the panel


This type of design also includes images related to the faces of famous music and cinema artists


From its name, it can be guessed that in the design of this type of panels, a combination of images of natural landscapes, animals, historical monuments, etc. is used

Verses:  This type of carpet design, which was more popular in the past, was woven from Quranic verses and hadiths

Karastan Tableau Rug

Material of hand-woven carpet fibers

In general  , handwoven Carpet panel fibers  are very important, because somehow the quality of carpets and carpets are directly related to the type of fibers

Wool fibers

 Wool can be introduced as the most widely used raw material for weaving  all kinds of hand-woven carpets  and rugs, which is prepared and used from sheep’s wool

Wool has different quality depending on the breed of sheep and the fodder that the sheep feed on. Among the carpet weaving areas, the western and northwestern provinces of Iran have the highest quality wool

Tableau Rug

Cotton fibers

After wool, cotton is definitely the most widely used type of thread and fiber, which many of us know as linen

The use of cotton is more useful for warp and weft than for piles of hand-woven carpets. Cotton gives very high durability and strength to the woven carpet panel

 Silk fibers

The silk used in carpets is divided into two categories: natural and synthetic, in which the use of natural silk cocoons; It gives a special beauty, elegance and softness to the carpet, which makes the final product have a very high price

Fluffy fibers

Fluff is also obtained from the body of cattle, which has a very high price. The reason for this is its rarity compared to wool

In fact, fluff is a thin fiber that collects on the wool and skin of cattle and has a special softness

Acrylic fibers

The price of these yarns is cheaper than natural yarns, and carpets woven with them have a much more reasonable price in most cases

Carpet panel

Important tips for buying carpets

The originality of what a hand- woven tapestry is is very important. Special and original carpets have a texture certificate that is recorded on the back of the work. Check it at the time of purchase

Another characteristic of the high quality and originality of the Carpet panel is that it is not crooked. To check this issue, check it from the back of the board, because it is not very noticeable from it

A very important point when buying is to preferably buy an unframed carpet and then frame it yourself. Because many carpet defects cannot be recognized by framing it

What is the review behind the handwoven carpet? Things like fine or coarse weaving of the panel, the type of knots used, the accuracy of the weaver’s combs and other things

The texture of the carpet is not the only important thing. “Payment” is one of the most important steps of having a good carpet. If not done correctly, it can reduce the beauty and value of the whole work

Tableau Rug

Characteristics of hand-woven carpets

What is a handmade Carpet panel and what are its features? Each product has its own special features

Knowing the unique features of the product will help you make the best decision when buying

There are different features in the hand-woven panel that cause different valuations

In hand-woven carpets, the number of knots is one of the most important features that are effective in valuing this precious product

The higher the number of nodes per square meter, the more valuable the board will be. Color is another feature

Natural colors increase the value of a rug significantly

Karastan Tableau Rug

The materials used in it

According to their style and tradition, Iranian cities use different materials in carpet weaving. In general, wool, silk or cotton are the main materials in handwoven carpets. Of course, a combination of these materials is also used in texture. The higher the amount of silk in the panel, the higher the price

Node type

As you know, Carpet panel weaving is done in the traditional way with knots. Knot means connecting the warp to the weft

Each rug has its own unique type of knot. For this reason, you will have a different feeling when you touch the carpet

In nodes, node density is very important. As mentioned, there are different types of nodes

One of these knots is asymmetric knot or Persian knot, which is commonly used in Iran

This type of knot creates a delicate texture. Another type of knot is symmetrical or Turkish knot, which is often seen in carpets in northern Iran

Another common type of knot is the pair knot, which can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, but in general, this knot increases the speed of weaving

Tableau Rug

Iranian hand-woven carpet centers

Although cities such as Shiraz, Tabriz, Yazd and Isfahan have been active in the field of hand-woven carpets, the originality of Sardroud Carpet panel is unique in its kind

Almost everyone who lives in Sardroud has a degree in this art and has tied their work and career to it in some way. You will not find the variety, elegance and quality of the hand-woven carpets of this region anywhere else! Most of the active workshops in this region have been able to make their brand global and export a large amount of hand-woven carpets and panels

iranian carpet

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