Handicrafts is a type of work that decorative or functional items are made by hand and simple tools

Handicrafts of Iran is one of the main poles of handicrafts in the world and has a brilliant history. History of Iranian handicrafts
along with China and India have a long history
Iranians have a special artistic taste and believe that the work of an artist is not only physical, but like a poet, he reflects his feelings and thoughts in his art and shapes them

In the following, we will examine the history of Iranian handicrafts in different periods


The way Iranian artists work in the past

The way of work of the past and old artists of Iran was not naturalistic

Iranians mostly used the style of abstract stylized and symbolic roles and preferred this method to the naturalization method

The evolutionary course of the history of Iranian handicrafts

It is obvious that the social and political conditions of each historical period determined the growth process and record of the history of Iranian handicrafts


Stone age

The first great discovery about the industry was made by Domorgan in Susa and the objects found were very diverse
The copper chisels and mirrors found showed that the people of this period used copper metal
In this historical period, fabrics with different fibers were also found, but the biggest industry of Iranians in this period was pottery
At that time, the production of pottery in the form of drinking bowls, eating bowls, cooking pots and pots and other dishes with red glaze was common
In the excavations, necklaces and rings with scallop gems and stone beads were also found
From among the ancient historical texts such as the books of Masoudi and Beyhaqi, we come to the conclusion that the art of jewels and inlays was very important in ancient times until the end of the Ghaznavid era
This importance was due to the patrons of that time supporting this industry and interest in jewelry. And the guild of jewelers had a special place at that time
The jewelry decoration industry is used to decorate jewelry, war tools such as swords and belts, etc
In Sanson’s travelogue, the importance of sealing can be seen in Safavid rule
With the spread of Islam, arts such as instrument and painting decreased

Even in times of history with the formation of fatut groups, the work of guilds was declared to be abominable and sometimes haram, and this had a great impact on the stagnation of this type of handicrafts
During the time of Mughal Ilkhan Khwaja Rashiduddin Fazlullah Hamedani, he used Chinese painters for his book because Iranians no longer painted


Qajar dynasty

It is the peak period of handicrafts

At this time, on the one hand, with Iran’s connection with the West, many foreign products entered Iran

And in this way, the prosperity of handicrafts decreased to some extent, but on the other hand, new handicrafts and trades flourished in Iran, such as tin-making and weaving


iron age

In the period of 1200 years before Christ, it replaced bronze in making tools and weapons. Sometimes it was also used in making ornaments
After some time, copper metal also entered the field with a wide presence

The works discovered in Susa show this
Products such as needles, axes, brass mirrors, chisels can be mentioned

At this time, the weaving industry was also popular, but the pottery industry is at the top of the mentioned cases
Discoveries near Nahavand included fine yellow and red pottery

Other finds included carved metal daggers
The works discovered around the current Damghan include large clay jars, light brown and cream glazed geometric shapes

Also, copper artifacts including copper pins, daggers, maces, bracelets, golden ornaments, and cups were found

Silver sculptures of animals, mortar, statue, stone rosary, date 2000 or 3000 years BC


Handicraft stand

Handicrafts are a combination of art and craft in an independent field
Hand art expresses the culture, industry, talent and skill of the people of any land and is the product of thoughts, feelings and hands of artisans
Handicrafts are national and non-affiliated products and can be expanded in all regions of the country such as cities, villages and even nomads

Handicrafts usually require basic materials that are available and a few working tools

These products do not require much investment and do not have a destructive effect on the environment

Another advantage of handicraft products is the creation of tourism industry, income and employment power for the people of the country

If handicrafts are properly supported and invested, they will naturally earn more and grow more, so they will have a direct impact on the country’s per capita income

With the foundation and development of investment in this field, the employment rate will increase and the social and cultural damages will be much less

make musical instruments and traditional instruments


Iran’s best-selling handicrafts

Iranian sale is the best-selling product in the field of handicrafts in the country. Carpets from different regions of the country have their fans and are sold well in the domestic market
Wooden handicrafts are one of the best-selling handicrafts

Furniture, bedding and other household items made of wood

Also, inlay art is one of the most popular handicrafts
In the Iranian market, copper and glass containers are another popular product. Copper handicrafts are the best-selling part of the traditional markets of Isfahan and Shiraz

One of the best-selling products of Isfahan handicrafts are the turquoise Kobi and Qamelzani products. Ceramic and clay products are also very popular

Various types of embroidery, enameling, handmade ornaments, crocheting and embroidery are among the best-selling handicrafts in the cities


Cities and villages registered in the world list

11 cities and 3 villages are at the top of the list of registered handicrafts of countries in the world
The World Handicrafts Council operates under the supervision of UNESCO, and countries send their handiwork industry files to this council to register their works

The names of Iranian cities and villages in the years 2015 to 2020 were registered in the World Council

Isfahan is the first registered city of Iran in the world list. This city  has more than 130 art disciplines


Among the famous works of Isfahan, we can mention the turquoise products of carving , pen -cutting, diamond cutting, enameling and inlaying
Mashhad was registered in this list after Isfahan in 2015. The works of art made with ornamental stones are among the most famous works of Mashhad
The historical city of Shiraz was registered in the world list in 2018. Among the works of Shiraz artists, we can name the products of maraqari, embroideries, inlays and weaving
Malair was registered in the world list at the same time as Shiraz. The most important craft of this city is furniture and carving art
Tabriz is famous in the world for Iranian carpets, and Tabriz carpets are one of the most expensive handicrafts in the world
In 2018, the city of Zanjan was added to the world list and registered. The most famous handicrafts of this city are traditional knife making and tapestry embroidery
Laljin Hamadan is known as the world city of Safal
Abadeh in Fars province as the world city of Manbat Mibod
Yazd is the world city of Zilu
Marivan of Kurdistan as the world city of Kalash or the local silk of
Sirjan as the world city of carpets
Khorashad village located in South Khorasan province is known as the world village of Tobafi. The art of Tobafi or the traditional weaving fabric is more than 300 years old in this village
Qasimabad in Mazandaran province is known as the world village of Chadorshab Bafi
Kalpurgan village in Sistan and Baluchistan province, which is known as the global pottery village


In this village, the living museum of Iranian pottery is located, and tourists can see the different parts of making this beautiful art

Handicrafts of Isfahan

You must know that the handicrafts of every city show the art and culture of that region, with these interpretations it can be said that the people of Isfahan are full of high taste and these beautiful handicrafts are the manifestation of the rich culture of our compatriots. More than 60 fields of handicrafts are popular in Zibaye province of Isfahan, which has covered 58373 workshops and created jobs for 220010 of our compatriots. In the meantime, carpet weaving with about 50,000 workshops and nearly 200,000 workers has assigned itself the first rank

Handicrafts of Isfahan city, as you know, has a very high age, as high as the history of the country, but the peak of prosperity and flourishing of these fine arts was during the Safavid era, since then, this skill was developed by great artists and masters, with the method of the master’s apprentice, generation It was passed down from generation to generation



The main and important elements in the manufacture and production of enamel art are metal and fire, and then the colors that make these products look very diverse and spectacular. It is interesting to know that enameling can be done even on gold and silver, but copper is the main metal to do this work. The most beautiful enamel objects that attract attention are decorative dishes, vases, ornaments, cosmetic boxes, panels, etc. Sometimes the combination of this beautiful art can be seen well with other works of art

Finish work

The art of decorating the surface of objects with very small triangles in different designs is called the art of finishing. These triangles are made of ivory, bone, brass wire, wood and sometimes gold. Isfahan seal is made and produced in the Shiraz seal method, sometimes it is accompanied by silver or enamel work, which cannot be seen in Shiraz. Very beautiful works of inlaying that attract attention in the markets of Isfahan and even other cities are decorative objects, beautiful boxes, photo frames, chess, backgammon, etc. In my opinion and many others who used this art, it is one of the best gifts that we can buy for our loved ones


Firozeh Kobi of Isfahan

Turquoise Kobe is an art, which is not very old. Turquoise painting was done in Mashhad, but later, about 70 years ago, it was brought to Isfahan city by “Yousef Hakiman”. Today, Isfahan’s turquoise goods are very famous. But the artisans engaged in this profession and productions are limited
The special and very diverse dishes of Kobi turquoise are made of copper, silver, brass, and bronze. In this art, the turquoises that are prepared from different turquoise workshops in cities such as Mashhad and Neyshabur are in very small sizes, in the form of mosaics on objects. are glued It is interesting to know that this art is used in making mirrors, candlesticks, vases, dishes and ornaments

How handicrafts came about

In the very distant years, about 8000 years ago, the people who were living in the vast areas of Southeast Asia settled in one area for the first time and created the first villages. It has been said that they show that people were busy making stone tools and tools at that time

Various tools in different geometrical shapes such as toothed blades and in different geometrical shapes have been obtained in places such as Bistoon and Hutu caves and belt. At that time, the people who understood that they could get a larger amount of edible seeds by planting them, needed to store them somewhere after they ripened, as a result of needing containers that able to withstand the humidity and heat of the air well so that these grains and products obtained there do not spoil. This caused humans to create the first clay vessels in that era, which is known as the Neolithic Age, by taking inspiration and considering the same natural forms and by mixing water and soil


Define handicraft

Fine art is a handicraft that can be made and produced both at home and in a workshop by a larger number of people. Like smaller industries, it has the ability to be established and produced in different places such as cities and villages and sent to the markets. Internal as well as external. This can be produced without the need for very special and advanced technology and relies more on the local expertise that is needed to make that product. The raw materials needed to make these products can be obtained and accessed inside our country. Handicraft art is produced in a variety of artistic and consumer products, which is why it has many capabilities and is very much needed and liked by most people

All over the world, the arts and crafts that exist represent the civilization and culture of that country and the ancestors of that society. It is interesting to know that the arts and crafts of each country express the intellectual and psychological characteristics of each society well and represent the art of that nation. And it is a tribe. Handicrafts are one of the most important and interesting attractions of any region. When people travel to any region, they see the handicraft products of that city and country. It is very attractive and lovely for tourists. Handicraft products are an art that is very valuable because most of them are made by hand


Handicrafts in Iran

Handicraft arts in Iran are very diverse and rich, which is very attractive and surprising for the people who visit these cities, both inside and outside the country, due to the characteristics of the climate in different cities. They travel and the improvement of Iran’s handicrafts is famous all over the world. Handicraft arts have been used in our country in the recent past, but due to the mechanization of life, their role may have become less important and it was mostly decorative


handicraft market

As the cities get bigger and especially in the areas that have touristic and historical attractions, there are definitely stores of handicraft products, where the people who visit that area can learn about the handicrafts of those areas and buy these products in Visit stores and take those products as souvenirs to their city and country according to their interest and need

Inside our country, in every city, especially in the tourist areas, there are a large number of handicraft stores , and most of the people who have traveled to that city visit these stores and buy souvenirs related to that city and their homes and neighborhoods. They make them more beautiful with these products or take them as gifts for their loved ones. In each city and region, according to the culture of that region, various types of handicraft shops and handicraft products are produced

Handicraft stores in every country represent the introduction and knowledge of handicraft products to people who have traveled to that city and intend to get to know and purchase the art products of that city, and the handicraft store in every city should be able to sell the handicraft products of that city to introduce well Today, with the advent of virtual communities and the existence of the Internet, these introductions have become much easier and faster


Sale of handicrafts

Since the sale of handicrafts is a subject that is related to the art and history of our country, it is liked by most of the people and it is highly regarded, especially for people who are interested in art and know that these products have a lot of value in addition to their beauty. They are highly material and spiritual, the sale of handicrafts in every city and country helps a lot in the prosperity and business cycle of that city and country and makes young people work in this industry


Buying handicraft

Today, the purchase of handicrafts has increased due to the information and awareness that has been made, and because it was less popular among people with the arrival of machine products, today, with more awareness, people’s interest and awareness about these products is much more. It has caused the purchase of handicrafts among the people to increase. Of course, there is also the abuse of some people who seek profit by producing low-quality products in this industry, and we hope that these people will stay away from this industry with awareness

Nowadays, according to the interest and purchase of handicrafts that also happens by foreign tourists, it is possible to introduce these products to the whole world and cause the expansion and familiarity of this precious industry to the whole world

As it has been said, buying handicraft products not only makes everyone familiar with the history and culture of our country, but also causes the economic prosperity of the country, and various ways will cause this to happen


Arts and Crafts

Handicrafts , as we said, are produced and made at home or in workshops in any region according to the local specialties that exist in those regions. Handicrafts are derived from the culture and thought of the people of that city from the past until now. For the production of handicraft products, it is often made with raw materials that are available in that area

Handicrafts are focused on the indigenous specialties of each community. Handicrafts are derived from the taste and thought of every society, which goes back to the ruling culture of that society since long ago. Handicrafts in Iran’s cities are very diverse, and local raw materials of each city are often used for their production. Handicrafts are manifested when they are mixed with creativity. There are many handicrafts in Iran, among which we can mention turquoise carving, inlaying, and coppersmithing. Handicrafts when combined with industry


Buying handicraft gifts

Just as receiving gifts from our loved ones makes us happy, giving and buying gifts of beautiful and artistic handicrafts is a very enjoyable thing because it definitely makes our friends happy and not only does its value not decrease over the years, but its value will increase as well. Giving such a gift to our friends and loved ones is not very difficult, but it is very easy, because you friends can easily find and order Isfahan products with one search and click on sites such as Dibaj site


Why crafts

Our answer to the question of why handicrafts is that we offer handicraft products to you for this reason, which, in addition to never diminishing its fashion and value, is a part of the civilization and culture of our country, and with unique beauty that is in the heart. It has been used in addition to its application, it can also be used as a decorative product that is full of beauty. As we said, buying handicraft gifts can be used as a very beautiful product in the interior decoration of our home

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