Modern backgammon

Modern backgammon is one of the intellectual games that can be used to experience all kinds of games. Plankto, Gol Bahar, Asi-Dosi, Hyper Gammon and Tritrak are considered as types of backgammon games. So let’s get to know the different types of backgammon games and spend fun together by learning it in family and friendly gatherings.

Modern backgammon

Modern backgammon is a board game that is played by two players on a board with 24 points, also known as triangles or “pips”. Each player has 15 checkers of their own color, which they move around the board according to the rolls of two dice. The objective of the game is to move all of your checkers around the board and off the board before your opponent does the same.

Modern backgammon

The game involves a combination of luck and strategy, as players must decide which moves to make based on the numbers rolled on the dice and the positions of their own checkers and their opponent’s checkers. Backgammon can be played for fun or competitively, with a variety of tournaments and online platforms available for players around the world.

Modern backgammon

Modern backgammon has a rich history, with evidence of the game dating back thousands of years to ancient civilizations such as the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Romans. The game has evolved over time, with variations in the rules and playing style in different parts of the world. Today, backgammon is played globally and has a large and dedicated following of enthusiasts who continue to develop new strategies and techniques for mastering the game.

Modern backgammon

Modern backgammon iran

Backgammon is a very popular game in Iran, with a rich history dating back to ancient times when it was known as “Takhteh-Nard”. In modern-day Iran, backgammon is still played extensively, both as a recreational activity and as a competitive sport.

Modern backgammon

In Iran, backgammon is commonly played in coffeehouses, where people gather to socialize and play games. It is also played at home with family and friends. Many Iranian players have achieved international recognition in backgammon tournaments, with Iran consistently ranked among the top countries in the world in terms of backgammon skill.

Modern backgammon

In Iran, the game is played with slight variations in the rules compared to the standard international rules. For example, the doubling cube is not used in Iranian backgammon, and there are different rules regarding the handling of gammons and backgammons.

Modern backgammon

Backgammon in Iran is more than just a game, it is a cultural and social activity that brings people together and fosters community. It is a beloved pastime that has endured for centuries and continues to be an important part of Iranian culture today.

Iranian handcraft

Modern backgammon Handicraft

Backgammon is not only a popular game but also a popular handicraft in many countries, including Iran. Iranian artisans have been producing backgammon sets for centuries, often using traditional techniques and materials to create beautifully crafted boards and pieces.

Modern backgammon

In Iran, backgammon sets are typically made from wood, with intricate patterns and designs etched or carved into the surface. Some backgammon sets are also decorated with inlaid mother-of-pearl or other precious materials. These sets are often handmade by skilled artisans and are considered works of art as well as functional game boards.

Iranian handcraft

In addition to traditional woodwork, backgammon sets in Iran are also made from a variety of other materials, including metal, leather, and even glass. Each material has its unique aesthetic and functional properties, allowing for a diverse range of backgammon sets to be produced.

The production of backgammon sets in Iran is not only a cultural tradition but also an important economic activity, providing employment for many artisans and supporting local economies. Iranian backgammon sets are highly prized by collectors and players around the world, and they are often sought after for their beauty, quality, and craftsmanship.

Modern backgammon

Modern backgammon is a popular board game that has been played for centuries. It is a two-player game that is played on a board with 24 triangles, also known as points or pips. Each player has 15 pieces, known as checkers, which are moved around the board according to the roll of two dice.

The object of the game is to move all of your checkers around the board and off the board before your opponent does the same. The movement of the checkers is governed by a set of rules that dictate how they can be moved and where they can be placed on the board.

Modern backgammon

Modern backgammon has a rich history, with the game having evolved over the centuries to become the popular game that it is today. The modern version of backgammon has been standardized and is played in tournaments around the world. It has also been adapted for online play, allowing players to compete against each other from anywhere in the world.

The game of backgammon requires both skill and luck, making it an exciting and challenging game to play. It is enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels, and is a great way to pass the time with friends and family.

Modern backgammon

spring flower

Among other types of Modern hand made khatam backgammongames, we can mention Gol Bahar, which has many fans in Iran and Turkey. Of course, spring flower is also known as bara flower or mad nut. The way to arrange the pieces in this game is 15 pieces in one opponent’s house and the way to move is counter-clockwise.

Iranian handcraft

You can only move in open houses and you do not have the right to enter the houses that are your opponent’s piece. The Gol Bahar game has a fundamental difference from other games, and that is that there is no knocking of the opponent’s pieces in this game. In fact, the player must get his checkers home and remove it to win the game.

persian backgammon set for sale

Hyper Gammon

Hypergammon is one of the fastest types of backgammon. If Modern backgammon is a slow and slow game in your eyes; Hyper Gammon will definitely change your mind. This game differs from the standard version in that both players start with only three pieces on the board. They are placed on each player’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd points and henceforth follow the standard backgammon rules. This makes Hyper Gammon play faster and works even for beginners. Also, luck plays a big role in Hyper Gammon.

Modern backgammon

Modern backgammon terminology

If you’re a fan of backgammon , learning Modern backgammon terminology will increase your chances of winning. Some terms of backgammon include Murshid’s house, Mars dog, upper and lower anchor, six doors, hand to nut, etc. It is interesting to know that in the past backgammon was called Winshir or Nerdshir. If you hear the word backgammon, it means the same backgammon board. Narad is also called someone who plays backgammon. In the following, you will learn about other backgammon terms.

Modern backgammon

Terminology related to Modern backgammon houses

Door of the house: House number 7 of each player is called the door of the house.

Afshar: Your house number five and the opponent’s house number five are called Afshar.

Afshargiri: Taking the number five house of your opponent or yourself is Afshargiri.

Khal Khan: The number one house of his land is called Khal Khan.

Modern backgammon

Mountain house: When there are more than 5 pieces in one house, it is called mountain house.

Murshid ‘s house: house number 3 of your earth is called Murshid’s house.

Bottom of the house: the last houses of your earth, such as 1 and 2

Free house : Free house is another Modern backgammon term and means a house where there is no piece.

Reversal: When you return the opponent’s dow to himself.

Modern backgammon

Open House: Open the house by removing a piece from it to hit an opponent or sit

Breaking : placing half of the existing pieces of a house in other houses

Six doors: capturing the opponent’s six houses with two pieces that he cannot place any more pieces in.

Khan : Each of the 24 backgammon houses is called.

Terms related to Modern backgammon pieces

Stacking: Placing the pieces on the board to start the game.

Escaping: It is called the act of removing a piece that is in the opponent’s target and placing it on one’s own piece.

Wide: when a piece is in a house that has the possibility of hitting the opponent; to be placed, this state is called wide.

Qat: taking one’s piece over other pieces of one’s own or running away

Iranian handcraft

Paul: The beads of house number 13 are called; Because they have the role of Paul to escape two captives.

Maie: The situation in which one piece is placed on top of another piece and takes the free house with the next dice is called Maie.

Opening : The first move at the beginning of the game

Iranian handcraft

March: When you’ve got all your nuts out of the ground; Your opponent will march.

Mars dog: Mars dog or black mars is when you have removed your checkers, while your opponent has not removed any checkers.

Eating pieces: removing pieces at the end of the game is called eating pieces.

Iranian handcraft

Hand to Piece: If your hand touches a piece, you must play the same.

Anchor High: When you capture your opponent’s four to six houses with two or more pieces.

Anchor Down: When you capture your opponent’s houses one through three with two or more pieces.

Covering : closing a single bead with another bead

Closed: The killed piece does not sit on the opponent’s field.

Iranian handcraft

Terms related to backgammon

Favorable dice: dice that are needed and requested.

Opposite dice: dice that are not needed.

Lower dice: dice with larger numbers, usually from 4 onwards

High Dice: Smaller dice usually up to 3

Modern backgammon

Mirror dice: a dice that is placed on the edge and its number is not known.

Small dice: It is a cylinder in which the dice are placed and thrown on the Modern backgammon board.

Throwing dice: Throwing out small dice

Dice Rule: A game that is forced to play with two dice.

Two Sixes: A pair of sixes

Dukur: to a dice that brings a pair of one; Called.

Iranian handcraft

Pair: when the dice are two similar numbers like 11 or 22.

Dash: The abbreviation of two numbers of shish is called dash.

Six Besh: A dice that shows the number six and five.

Iranian handcraft

Professional Modern backgammon training + 4 top strategies

In order to become a professional Modern backgammon player, you need to learn the tips of professional backgammon training and practical strategies of this game. This game is a combination of luck, experience and skill. By buying a backgammon board , you can practice the professional tips of the backgammon board. Professional backgammon training will help you defeat your opponents in this exciting game.

khatam kari iran

Professional Modern backgammon rules

If you want to become a professional Modern backgammon player, you should know that luck may not always be on your side, and with an inappropriate roll of the dice, all your plans will be ruined. People who have more skill and experience will win the game. But if you are among the newbies, they still have a chance to win. If you are lucky, you can easily win against a professional player. No matter what age you are, just learn the basic principles and rules of backgammon and enter the game.

Modern backgammon

The amazing law of March in Modern backgammon !

A March move in Modern backgammon refers to a situation in which a player removes all of his pieces from the board before his opponent removes even a single piece. In this case, the player will have a double win and will be the winner for both sides of the game.

Modern backgammon

What is Black March in Modern backgammon ?

One of the most important things that is considered in professional Modern backgammon training is Black March. Black March is another outcome of the backgammon game, in which the player, while removing all his pieces, has at least one of his pieces in his houses before the opponent removes even one piece. In this situation, like the March move, the winning odds will increase, but this time, instead of 2 times, you will win the game 3 hands.

Modern backgammon

4 strategies to win 100% in Modern backgammon

In the following, you can get to know an example of effective strategies that can guarantee your win in this game.

Modern backgammon

Proportion of the number of dice with the movement of the pieces

This is one of the most important winning strategies in Modern backgammon . In fact, you should be able to claim a spot that is occupied by two or more pieces; In the following, you can see some practical examples of the movement of the vertebrae:

Modern backgammon

Dice 5-3

In this case, the moves of 3/8 and 7/13 can bring you closer to the win.

Dice 6-1

For these numbers, you need to use the movements 7/8 and 7/13.

Dice 4-2

The recommended movement for these numbers is also 5.8 and 5.6.

Modern backgammon

By becoming a professional in the game of Modern backgammon , you will master some strategic techniques of this game and you can use these techniques in other intellectual games as well. The techniques you learn in this game include managing and controlling the game, timely attacks, defending against the opponent, securing your own houses and securing the name of the opponent’s houses, chanting for the opponent, etc.

Modern backgammon

To win in this game, you have to manage your counting method and try your luck with dice. Mixing luck and managing the pieces on the backgammon board entertains for hours and is extremely exciting.

Modern backgammon

The method of the game is that the players move the pieces in a path like a horseshoe and move them to the home screen by rolling the dice and counting them. Whoever reaches this goal first will win the game, in the meantime, confrontation with the opponent and testing the luck will increase the excitement of the game.

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